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January is the month to: Have Your Soil Tested

If your lawn and garden performed below your expectations last season, the reason might have nothing to do with the color of your thumb. Instead, the soil may be low in nitrogen or high in phosphorus. It’s impossible to tell your soil’s composition just by looking at it. Investing in soil testing eliminates the confusion of which fertilizer to purchase in the spring.

The results of a soil test reveal the levels of nitrogen, phosphorus, calcium, potassium, and magnesium, as well as the soil pH. This is typically everything you need to know to accurately fertilize your soil and ensure strong grass, flower, and vegetable garden growth next season.

To take a soil sample:

  • Dip a hole about 12 inches deep with a spade or sharpshooter.
  • Cut a one-inch slice of soil from the wall of the hole about six to seven inches down. Place this soil sample in a bucket.
  • Repeat this process in four to six places throughout your garden, depending on how large your yard is.
  • Thoroughly mix all the samples together and mail it to a nearby soils testing laboratory. If you prefer, you can purchase a soil test kit and test your sample at home. Those can be found at Lowes, Home Depot, Burpee, Amazon, and others.
  • Use the results from the soil test to supplement your garden with a fertilizer containing the proper nutrients.

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