Interior Landscaping for Residential Properties

Interior landscaping is one of the best ways to refresh and beautify your home's indoor space. It's a great way to brighten dark corners in your home and transform dull, empty walls with color and life. Studies have shown that indoor house plants have many health benefits, including cleaning the air and helping to reduce stress levels.

The Grounds Guys' indoor landscaping services can help create a welcoming home environment that will leave a lasting impression.

Benefits of Interior Landscaping:

  • Humanizes space with biophilia - which can be defined as bringing the patterns of nature into buildings.
  • Absorbs sound to reduce home environment noise.
  • Removes toxins and filters air to enhance indoor air quality.
  • Hides unsightly objects and areas.
  • Can be used as seasonal decorations.

Interior Landscaping Options for Your Home:

  • Living plants for the home or home office
  • Low maintenance artificial plants
  • Atriums or botanical garden space
  • Living walls
  • Plants for seasonal decorating

Living Plants for the Home or Home Office

Indoor living plants can add life to sterile places in your home. Studies have shown that live plants can boost productivity, concentration, and creativity. They're an excellent option for a home office environment too.

Artificial Plants

Faux plants are an excellent option for your home, especially where live plants have trouble growing successfully. This low maintenance option can add color to any room in your home. We can also create designs that mix faux plants with live plant.

Living Walls

Living walls, or green walls, are densely covered vertical surfaces. We like to use them to create a focal point in well-lit areas of your home. Having a living wall in your home offers many advantages, too. The greenery removes air pollutants, reduces noise, and adds a calming effect. They can even help insulate your home.

Plants for Seasonal Decorating

Seasonal decorating with plants can change the décor and bring the joys of the changing seasons to your home. If you don't have the energy or the time to do it, The Grounds Guys interior landscaping services can help. We can combine live plants, faux plants, color displays, and lighting to energize your space and bring the excitement of the holidays or specific season to your home!

Indoor Plant Services for Your Home

  • Pest management
  • Soil management
  • Tall tree maintenance
  • Cleaning and maintenance of artificial plants
  • Plant rotations
  • Watering services
  • Color designs and displays

Why Choose Professional Interior Landscaping Services?

Unlike their outdoor counterparts, indoor plants lack access to fresh air, sunlight, and other necessary resources . Hiring an experienced landscaping professional that knows how to keep your interior landscaping looking good can be the difference between a drab display or one that looks vibrant and healthy. The Grounds Guys landscaping professionals are trained in science-based horticulture. We’ll give your indoor plants the attention and care they need to thrive

Professional Indoor Plant Services and More!

Whether you need lawn and bed maintenance or interior landscaping services, The Grounds Guys are ready to make it all look great. Our licensed and insured landscaping experts look forward to bringing the many benefits indoor plants have to offer to your home. To get started, contact our team today!

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