Tips for Taking Care of a Sick Lawn

Brown lawn with text: "Taking care of a sick lawn"

What stands between homeowners and a healthy lawn? Bugs, sunlight, disease, foot traffic, weeds, fertilization, and even pet urine are just a few of the roadblocks homeowners face when striving to have a beautiful lawn. The Grounds Guys® offers these lawn care tips to homeowners who want to nurse their lawn back to good health.


Pests such as grub worms, beetles and other bugs can damage lawns. Treating the problem with a non-chemical method or an insecticide, aerating the lawn, and determining the cause of the pests to prevent future infestations is recommended.


Select the type of grass used for a lawn based on the amount of sunlight or shade in the landscaping. Prune lower limbs to offer more sunlight in shady areas.


Have the soil tested to assess deficiencies and problems that may cause fungal disease. Maintain lawn regularly, ensure proper drainage and remove thatch at least once a year.

Foot traffic

Create pathways by adding decorative stones or other walkways that reduce the trampling of your lawn. Have your lawn aerated to loosen the soil and reseeded in bare areas.


Every lawn is different depending on the soil and climate of your area. Have a professional analyze the lawn to determine what fertilizer is needed. Always use a high-quality fertilizer and apply evenly to avoid over-fertilization.


Nitrogen in pet urine can cause brown spots in the lawn. To reduce pet urine damage, water a lawn regularly to rinse away the urine. Also, make sure pets drink plenty of water to help dilute the nitrogen in their urine.

From mowing and trimming to cleanup and maintenance of lawns, The Grounds Guys is ready to exceed expectations with professional mowing and lawn care as well as offer professional advice to homeowners and businesses on keeping lawns healthy.