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Low-Maintenance, Cost-Effective Solutions for Your Landscape

Residential turf in backyard.

Just because our Grounds Guys offer premier lawn care services does not mean they only apply to natural landscapes. Our friendly professionals can install artificial turf for your home and provide the minimal maintenance it needs to ensure the beauty of your property.

By installing residential artificial turf, you can:

  • Save water
  • Reduce the need for maintenance
  • Stop worrying about mud or puddles in your yard
  • Forget about pests eating your grass

When you reach out to us for artificial turf installation or maintenance, you can feel confident knowing your landscape is in good hands. Our grounds care experts are proud to provide options that help make your property low-maintenance and eye-catching all year long.

Why Choose Artificial Turf for Your Home?

Artificial turf with pool in backyard

Artificial turf is simply easier. Maintaining artificial turf is much more cost-effective than maintaining a traditional lawn. This means you’ll have more money and more time to devote to other things. Artificial turf is great for areas where children and pets play since there are no pests, mud, or puddles. This innovative landscaping option is also pet-resistant so it can stand up to busy pets and kids.

If you’ve ever dreamed of having a lush backyard without the work, your own personal putting green, or even a luxurious pool area, artificial turf may be just what you’re looking for. Our residential landscaping experts are here to provide you with the yard of your dreams!

Don’t wait any longer for a beautiful, low-maintenance yard. Contact The Grounds Guys to learn more about our artificial turf installation and maintenance services. We proudly offer free consultations!


Silver level turf is a quality option for low-traffic residential areas and is made of 4800 texturized polyethylene thatch in field green/beige.

  • Cost-effective solution
  • Ideally installed surrounding infrequently visited spaces such as air conditioning units or outer perimeters of properties
  • Product’s pile height is 1.5” tall and medium thickness
  • Perforated backing


Gold level turf offers a higher-quality surface, which is ideal for high-traffic residential areas and is made of 4800 polyethylene thatch in field green/beige.

  • Durable option ideally suited for full yard and children’s play areas
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Product’s pile height is 1.75” tall and provides a thick texture
  • Perforated backing


Platinum level turf is our top offering for residential and commercial spaces and is made of 4800 polyethylene thatch in field green/beige with a thicker, more plush covering.

  • Install to spotlight focal points of your landscaping with this product which most resembled real grass without the maintenance
  • Product’s pile height is 1.75” tall and offers the thickest option available offering a lush feel to the touch and prestigious appearance
  • Premium product with proprietary QuadrBind backing

Pet Turf

Pet turf is perfectly suited in high-traffic zones for pets and people and offers home owners and public spaces an easy to clean space for dogs.

  • This product upholds its manicured appearance due to shorter-designed pile height of 1.125”
  • Pet turf makes scooping pet waste simple and leaves space looking fresh and clean without damaging the lawn’s appearance – even in dog parks!
  • Protects pets’ paws by maintaining stable surface temperatures
  • Perforated backing


Our golf turf is a residential product installed in avid golfers’ backyards and other residential spaces. Enjoy the look of lush, green grass without the maintenance of mowing, watering or fertilizing!

  • Product’s smooth pile height is .75” fallowing golf balls to roll smoothly across the surface
  • Multi-pile heights available for ruff and smooth spaces
  • Includes two backing surfaces allowing optimal drainage and stability: proprietary QuadrBind and perforated backing
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