Weed Control & Removal Services

Keep your yard free of weeds, minus the hassle, by hiring the local weed control experts at The Grounds Guys. We provide exemplary weed control services you can count on to keep your lawn and property looking great all year round. The longer you wait to control weeds, the bigger the problem for your lawn and landscaping. Don’t delay weed removal any longer. Schedule our weed control services to remove, control, and prevent the spread of weeds.

Keeping weeds away can be a constant battle, but our weed control services can help keep your lawn healthy and your property looking great! Find a location near you to learn more about our weed control services or call us!

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Why Are Weed Control and Removal Services So Important?

Weeds can grow, spread, and overwhelm a yard quickly. They can easily transform a once beautiful lawn into an eyesore. Fortunately, controlling the growth of weeds is a great way to help keep your yard looking beautiful. But there are several other reasons to consider professional weed removal services from The Grounds Guys, such as:

  • Weeds can harbor insects and create an infestation of pests.
  • They can stunt the growth and harm plants by stealing essential nutrients.
  • Weeds can destroy or tear apart concrete and pavers.

Have your weeds gotten so out of control that pests have already taken over your yard? Ask us about our pest and insect control services!

When Is the Best Time to Remove Weeds?

Our experts know that proper weed control and lawn maintenance programs can help keep your property’s curb appeal high. Although you can call us to control and remove weeds any time of the year, controlling them during a specific season is often more effective.

Spring is a great time to pull weeds because they’re in their initial-growth phase. Our local experts can prevent weeds from developing fully by targeting weeds in their sprouting stage. Weeds can also be vulnerable in the fall, so it can be an ideal season to remove and control weeds.

Weed Control Packages

Are you worried about using chemicals on your property? At The Grounds Guys, we offer three distinct lawn care packages for weed control: the Organic Lawn Care Program, Hybrid Lawn Care Program, and Traditional Lawn Care Program.

If using weed-killing chemicals is a concern for you, choose our Organic or Hybrid programs. Our Organic Program avoids traditional chemicals and is extremely safe for people, pets, and the environment while providing sustainable, long-lasting weed-control results. Our Hybrid Program uses only some common weed-killing chemicals yet is still safe and effective. Contact a weed control expert from The Grounds Guys to learn more about each option.

Professional Weed Removal Services

Our team utilizes tried-and-true methods to prevent unsightly weeds from forming on your lawn. We provide both post-emergent and pre-emergent weed control services.

These are some types of common lawn weeds we remove and control:

  • Grassy weeds such as annual ryegrass, blanket crabgrass, witch grass, and creeping bentgrass
  • Broadleaf weeds such as alligatorweed, alsike clover, Asiatic hawsbeard, and annual sowthistle

How Much Does Our Weed Control Service Cost?

It takes work to maintain a beautiful, healthy green lawn. Just a few weeds can quickly spread and ruin your beautiful lawn. Save yourself the time and energy it takes to control weeds. Hire the local weed control pros at The Grounds Guys. We know how to remove and control the weeds in your area. Our experts will be happy to recommend a weed control package that works best for your yard.

Like many lawn care jobs, the costs for weed pulling can vary based on several factors. Things like the size of your yard, number of applications required, fertilizer needs, and difficulty of pulling and removing weeds can all factor into the overall cost.

How Long Will the Weed Control Service Take?

Although we come pretty close, controlling weeds is not always an exact science. The number of weeds on your property, control methods used, and type of weeds may all play a role in how long it takes us to eliminate the weeds on your property. You can rest assured that our proven weed control services will have you enjoying a weed-free yard as soon as possible.

Controlling weeds can feel like a never-ending chore. That’s why it’s so important to control them before they get out of hand. Unfortunately, there is no cure-all to permanently remove weeds from your property. Even with our professional weed removal methods, they can return, especially if they’re aggressive, like crabgrass. Fortunately, the more you utilize our weed control services, the healthier it will be to fend weeds, and the better your lawn will look.

Maintaining a healthy lawn is the best way to prevent weeds from growing and invading your lawn. We offer comprehensive landscaping and lawn care programs to help you stay on top of weed growth.

Why Hire Us for Professional Weed Removal Services

We know how to tackle and eliminate all types of weeds. Effective weed pulling and control requires specialized knowledge and vigilance. We understand the types of weeds you might encounter in your area, know how to remove them, and how to prevent them from taking over your lawn.

To schedule an appointment, contact The Grounds Guys nearest you today, or call us!

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