Commercial Snow Plowing

Your commercial property tenants entrust you to provide snow-free parking spots, entrances, driving lanes, loading docks, and more. Entrust The Grounds Guys for Commercial Snow Plowing services. Our crews carefully and reliably plow your commercial property with a truck or utility terrain vehicle so that you can focus on maintaining your property’s profitability.

Initial Evaluation

We start your commercial snow plowing service prior to snow falling. We come to your property in advance to map out how and where to safely plow snow. This ensures that your tenants, their employees, and customers are kept safe, and your building’s exterior integrity is maintained.

Tenant and Customer Safety

We start with the safety of your tenants and customers. We consider how they will navigate your property by both car and foot. We also consider exterior work areas such as loading docks. Finally, we make sure that emergency response personnel can locate and enter your commercial property in the event of medical necessity fire, or flood. We perform the following:

  • Move snow to areas away entrances, walking paths, and driving lanes
  • Make sure that snow piles do not obstruct driver visibility
  • Confirm that building address numbers are clear so that emergency response teams easily find your property

Exterior Integrity

Through our initial evaluation, we identify any edges and curbs, along with your property’s landscape and hardscape features that might get hidden under snow. We map these spots to ensure that our plow will not damage them. When our plow crew appears at your property, we accomplish the below:

  • Move snow away from building when possible
  • Ensure proper drainage by leaving drains unhindered for when snow and ice melt
  • Keep utility lines and fire hydrants unobstructed for easy access
  • Avoid harming your hardscape features
  • Take care not to injure trees, shrubs, and flowers
  • With gravel driving paths and parking, we avoid moving the gravel along with the snow

Improved Tenant Retention

With our proactive snow plowing service in place, your tenants will be thrilled with your property. This improves your ability to attract and retain tenants. Our proactive service includes:

  • Constant weather observation to forecast your snow removal needs
  • Equipment and staff on standby for when snow arrives
  • Calibration of our equipment through monitoring dew points and temperature of the asphalt in your area. This helps us to prevent over-salting and operate efficiently.

Reduced Exposure to Lawsuits

Using mediocre snow plow services can increase your exposure to lawsuits if one of your tenants or their customers has an accident due to poor snow removal. Help your tenants and their customers avoid driving hazards, as well as slips and falls with our proactive service. This helps reduce your risk to legal exposure.

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Are you ready to declare victory over future snowstorms? The Grounds Guys can help. We will visit your commercial property to provide an estimate of our snowplow services. Contact our snow experts today to schedule your free estimate.

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