Residential Tree and Shrub Pest Control

There’s no denying that insects love trees and shrubs. After all, they provide sustenance and protection to insects. Homeowners love trees and shrubs, too, because they add shade, curb appeal, and enhance the value of your property. However, an insect infestation can damage and even kill your beautiful trees and shrubs and ruin the look of your landscape.

Fortunately, there is a way to control pests and keep diseases from ruining your landscaping. Our tree and shrub care specialists have the knowledge and expertise to keep your trees and shrubs healthy and thriving. The Grounds Guys team of landscape experts can provide a tree and shrub pest control plan that is based on your specific area and needs.

Tree and Shrub Pest Control Treatments

The Grounds Guys can help maintain the beauty of your landscape year-round with our lawn and maintenance programs! Here are some of the tree and shrub pest control services we provide:

  • Trunk sprays
  • Foliar sprays
  • Trunk injections
  • Nematodes
  • Horticultural oil
  • Soil drench
  • Releasing biological controls

Trunk sprays

Periodically applying trunk sprays is a beneficial tree pest control service because it helps control insects that like to lay their eggs in the bark in the trees.

Foliar sprays

Our experts also apply a foliar spray to the leaves of plants to help protect them from feeding insects. Although these applications don’t guarantee a plant won’t be damaged, they do help keep the damage insects inflict to a minimum.

Trunk injections

When specific insects and diseases can’t be controlled by trunk or foliage sprays, we utilize trunk injections to prevent further damage. These injections are controlled to deliver a specific amount of material directly into the vascular system of the diseased tree to help bring it back to good health.


Soil-dwelling insects can quickly destroy your lawn and beautiful landscape. Nematodes - microscopic creatures that seek out and kill soil-dwelling insects at all stages - play a beneficial role in maintaining healthy soil. . We use these nematodes to control a broad range of both soil-inhabiting and above-ground insects during various soil-inhabiting stages of life.

Horticultural oil

Even during colder months, your landscaping needs to be protected from insects and disease. Applying horticultural oil during the growing and dormant, no-growth winter season is an excellent method to control scale, mites, and other insects.

Soil drenching

Another effective way to deliver the proper nutrients to plants and trees is through soil drenching. This method helps us treat plants by delivering control materials and nutrients directly through their roots.

Biological pest control release

We also harness the powerful resources of Mother Nature to effectively control insects and disease. Our biological pest control methods include releasing lady beetles, whitefly and spider mite predators, as well as other beneficial pests.

We offer expert tree and shrub pest control service for insects like:

  • Leaf Miners
  • Aphids
  • Spider Mites
  • Lace bugs
  • Bagworms and webworms
  • Tent Caterpillars
  • Japanese Beetles
  • Scale
  • Wooly Adelgids
  • Sawflies

Our tree and shrub services help protect against and address diseases like:

  • Lethal Yellowing
  • Leaf Spot
  • Sooty Mould
  • Rust
  • Tip Blight
  • Apple Scab
  • Needle Cast
  • Oak Wilt

Tree and Shrub Pest Control Near Me

Insects and diseases can quickly wreak havoc on your trees and shrubs and turn your beautiful landscaping into a wasteland. Don’t let insects and diseases ruin the look of your beautiful yard. Contact The Grounds Guys to learn more about our tree and shrub care services designed specifically for your area. Request a free job estimate today.

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