Commercial Lawn Aeration Service

Have you noticed the turf thinning on your commercial property's lawn? The reason could be compacted soil, which can make it difficult for grass and plants to grow. One of the best solutions to compacted soil is lawn aeration. The Grounds Guys commercial lawn aeration service is ideal for lawns with heavy foot traffic.

Our landscape experts recommend using core aeration as a preventative maintenance practice to control thatch. Routine core aeration can reduce soil compaction. It also improves air movement into soils, increasing microbial activity and helping break down thatch. Removing thatch from lawns is critical because it can make it difficult for water and nutrients to reach plant roots.

It's an excellent time to overseed after lawn aeration, especially during the fall. Doing this can revive your lawn as seeds and fertilizer have a better chance of settling deeper into the aeration holes.

The Grounds Guys are committed to maintaining your commercial site's landscape and keeping it looking healthy and attractive to clients and customers. You can retain its inviting look all year by adding our commercial lawn aeration service and fall or spring cleanup services to your existing lawn care plan!

Lawn Aeration Service Benefits:

Is adding our commercial lawn aeration service to your existing lawn care services a worthy investment? The short answer is yes. Here are some notable benefits:

  • Helps control thatch
  • Beneficial in breaking up dense and highly compressed soil
  • Allows air and water to flow into the soil and roots
  • Aeration helps the roots get nourishing and sustaining nutrients they need to thrive
  • Regular lawn aeration keeps grass healthy and disease-free
  • Encourages durable, healthier grass roots
  • Enables better fertilization
  • Prevents mushroom growth
  • Improves drought resistance

Why Choose Us for Commercial Lawn Aeration Service

Lawn aeration is tedious and time-consuming. It also requires using heavy commercial lawn aerator service equipment. Your commercial property is in good hands with The Grounds Guys. We take pride in our work, and our trained landscape experts use the best techniques to ensure that the lawn aeration task is correct and completed on time.

Best Time to Aerate Lawn

The best time to aerate a lawn is spring and fall, depending on your grass type and the region you are located in. During these seasons, there is increased soil moisture, and the lawn can tolerate the aeration process better.

How Frequently Should Lawn Aeration Be Done?

Your lawn can benefit from one to two aeration visits per year. The visits depend on the location of the type of grass and the region you're in. Lawns that are thin, growing on compacted soils, or have heavy thatch will benefit from two visits per season.

Commercial Lawn Aerator Service Tools We Use

Core or plug aerators: The Grounds Guys use core or plug aerators to perforate grass. These tools are essential to lawn aeration because they take a soil plug from the ground up. Core or plug aerators can successfully remove soil compaction, even on landscapes with clay soil.

Commercial Lawn Aeration Service Near Me

Don't let thatch or soil compaction ruin the look of your commercial property's lawn. We have you covered! Get in touch with your local Grounds Guys to schedule your free consultation.

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