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Lawn Aeration Information and Lawn Aerator Services

Keeping Your Lawn Looking Its Best

The changing seasons can take a toll on your lawn. Maintaining and caring for your lawn will guarantee that it stays lush and beautiful through the seasons. Lawn upkeep is a standard practice for most homeowners, but one step that many forget to include is aeration.

Aerating your lawn will make a lasting difference in the quality of your turf. Also known as “core aeration”, this process of puncturing holes or pockets into the grass and soil helps the roots receive the nourishing and sustaining nutrients they need. The Grounds Guys encourages you to incorporate this annual practice in your lawn maintenance routine, and we offer aeration services to make it easy for you.

Is Aerating Your Lawn Worth It?

You may be wondering what this added step in your lawn care routine will actually do. Before you begin, it helps to understand all the benefits of lawn aeration.

Benefits of Lawn Aeration

  • Encourages healthier and more durable grass roots
  • Allows water and air to flow to the soil and roots
  • Helps break up dense and highly compressed soil
  • Enables better fertilization
  • Prevents mushroom growth
  • Improves insect resistance
  • Improves drought resistance
  • Encourages new growth

The process of aeration can be tedious and time consuming. Mechanical lawn aerators are heavy pieces of equipment that require expertise to operate. Consider hiring a landscaping service to help. The Grounds Guys has the best techniques and equipment to make sure that lawn aeration is done properly.

When to Aerate Lawn

When you should aerate depends on the type of grass in your lawn. If you have cool-season grass, it is better to aerate in the spring and fall seasons. For warm-season grass, spring through summer is the ideal time for aeration. Timing is critical so you can ensure that it is done when the grass is active and growing. This will produce the outcome you are hoping for—a healthy and green lawn.

You can tell your lawn needs aeration if water is gathering and not seeping into the soil, if the soil has become compressed, and if the grass and soil has lost its luster or is sparse. For thinning grass, you may need further lawn treatment, but aeration is beneficial.

How Frequently Should I Aerate?

We recommend that homeowners aerate their lawns on an annual basis. However, if your lawn sees a lot of foot traffic that may cause the grass and soil to wear down, it is advised to aerate more regularly. Aeration should be a part of your spring or fall yard cleanup.

How to Aerate Lawn

Before you tackle aeration on your own, consider calling a lawn care service like The Grounds Guys to help. There are many tips, techniques and common errors to be conscious of before, during, and after aeration. We suggest consulting a landscaping professional to find out all necessary information.

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Before You Begin

The following are matters to be aware of before tackling lawn aeration:

  • Avoid aerating if your lawn is sodden or too dry—the ideal soil is a happy medium of these two.
  • You should aerate before placing any fertilizers on your lawn.
Prepare Your Lawn for the Aeration Process
  • Consider mowing your lawn prior to starting.
  • Make note of any lawn fixtures, such as sprinklers or irrigation lines.
  • Ensure that the consistency of the soil is damp (not too dry or too wet). If the ground is too dry, watering your lawn can be a quick solution.

Types of Aeration Tools

Lawn aeration is no small task, and you’ll need to decide which aerating technique is best for you and your busy schedule. To do this, you must first find the right tool to use. The different aeration methods depend on the type of product you choose.

  • Spike Aerators—The tools penetrate the soil, creating holes for better ventilation, but they don’t actually remove any grass and soil plugs from the ground. Consider using a garden fork, rolling aerator, or spiked lawn shoes for this method.
  • Core or Plug Aerators—These tools perforate the grass, taking a soil core plug from the ground. A manual core aerator, walk-behind aerator, or tow plug aerator are great tool options for this method.

You can decide if you would prefer to use handheld or machine-powered lawn aerators; both have benefits. While machine-powered lawn aerators are more efficient, manual tools are easier to operate and are better for small or hard-to-access areas.

What to Do After Aeration

To get the most out of your recently aerated yard, utilize some of these practices:

  • Leave the grass and soil cores on the lawn so they can dissipate into the ground.
  • Water and add fertilizer to the grass.
  • Spread grass seed in thinning areas or throughout the entire yard if the grass is thin.

Professional Lawn Aerator Services

Once you have completed the aeration process, you can enjoy a healthy lawn. Just be sure to continue your general lawn care practices. The Grounds Guys know how much time and energy this can take from your already busy schedule—let us help!

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