Residential Artificial Turf Maintenance & Repair

While many homeowners also love synthetic grass for its low-maintenance requirements, it doesn’t mean you can ignore your artificial lawn altogether. In fact, to keep your synthetic grass looking its best, you’ll want to perform artificial turf maintenance for your home.

If you don’t have the time or energy to clean and care for your artificial lawn, count on The Grounds Guys®.

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Residential landscape with artificial turf.

Why Choose Us for Professional Artificial Turf Maintenance?

When it comes to working with a professional landscaper, you deserve a team that is knowledgeable, reliable, and hard-working. That’s exactly what you’ll get when you hire The Grounds Guys for residential artificial turf services.

We are happy to provide you with a personalized service quote based on your needs and budget. Our team will arrive at your home on time and in uniform for every appointment. Our pros are friendly and will treat your property with respect. That’s part of our Neighborly Done Right Promise™.

Did we mention that we’re also highly experienced in residential artificial turf repair and cleaning? We know exactly how to keep a synthetic lawn looking gorgeous all year long.

What Our Comprehensive Residential Artificial Turf Services Include

What can you expect when you hire The Grounds Guys for artificial turf maintenance for your home? We provide a variety of services related to synthetic turf. Some of our most popular services include:

  • Residential artificial turf cleaning
  • Residential artificial turf repair
  • Stain removal
  • Odor control
  • Weed control

Over time, dust, pollen, and dirt can accumulate on your synthetic grass, fading its color and making your lawn look dirty. Our team will wash all that dirt away and get rid of leaves, branches, and other debris to reveal a beautiful lawn. We are also pros at removing all kinds of stains as well as pet odors from synthetic lawns, while our repair services can help bring matted and worn sections of your lawn back to life.

The Benefits of Regular Residential Artificial Turf Maintenance

Artificial turf maintenance for your home is well worth the investment. Here’s why.

Turf maintenance:

  • Keeps your turf looking green and clean
  • Addresses potential issues (like weeds and mold) before they become a problem
  • Helps protect high-traffic areas
  • Extends the life of your synthetic lawn
  • Maintains your pride of ownership

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Get the most out of your synthetic lawn by investing in artificial turf maintenance for your home. The Grounds Guys are happy to create a tailored quote for cleaning, repair, and maintenance that fits your needs and budget.

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FAQ About Artificial Turf Maintenance and Repair

What are the signs that I need artificial turf repair?

The signs that you need residential artificial turf repair can include:

  • Matted grass that can’t be brushed
  • Faded grass
  • Torn fibers
  • Stained grass that can’t be cleaned
  • Thin or bald patches

Your local turf expert can help assess your lawn if you need a quick repair or if it’s time to replace your artificial grass.

Can I repair artificial turf myself?

You may be able to remove stubborn stains from your artificial turf or brush matted fibers to rejuvenate them. For more extensive damage, including partial replacements, however, it’s often best to call in the experts. The Grounds Guys can ensure that the repairs blend in with your existing lawn so everything looks seamless.

How much does it cost to repair artificial turf?

The cost of residential artificial turf repair will depend on the scope of the damage. Smaller jobs may not require much time or effort, while larger jobs could take multiple days and require specialized tools and knowledge. The best way to understand the potential cost of repairing your artificial turf is to request a quote from a local landscaper with experience in synthetic lawns. We recommend that you reach out to your local The Grounds Guys team for a quote.

My turf is fading. Is that normal?

Your synthetic lawn is designed to resist UV fading and should remain green and vibrant for many years. However, even the strongest artificial turf can’t last forever. After 10 years or so, it isn’t uncommon to see gradual fading of your lawn. If you notice fading much sooner, it’s a good idea to call an experienced landscaping team to investigate the issue.

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