Commercial Landscape Installation

Once your landscape design has been reviewed and approved, we will begin preparing the exterior of your business for installation.

The experts at The Grounds Guys are trained in horticulture and landscape installation. And with your complete satisfaction as our goal, we strive to provide a seamless transition from design to installation.

The Installation Process

We begin with a site evaluation and preparation process, which may include the removal of unwanted existing plants and debris. If necessary, we will cut back, prune and/or remove any unwanted existing plants. Sometimes existing landscape can be relocated to other areas of your property. This is a common practice for smaller shrubs and perennials.

Some grading (sculpting or leveling of land) may be needed to prepare for installation of grass, trees, plants, hardscaping, and/or paths. Once this process is completed, we will begin the initial installation.

Bed Creation and Soil Preparation

We start installation by preparing your soil for planting. Depending on your soil type and composition, compost and/or other nutrients may be added to the soil to encourage healthy growth. In some case a soil conditioner may be used to change the structure and fertility of existing or native soil. They are incorporated into the soil to help improve the vigor and overall performance of plants.

Mycorrhizal fungi is essential to plant growth, but they're often not present in urban settings, especially when soils are moved, compacted, have fertilizer and pH imbalances, or are low in organic matter. Adding these beneficial soil fungi can help improve soils and aid in plant establishment.

We utilize a cultivating method to break up crusty soil surfaces to allow for easier penetration of air, nutrients, and water deep into the soil. This helps plant roots gain better access to the nutrients they need to thrive and grow.

Depending on the soil condition and type, tilling (a deeper form of cultivation) may be necessary to prepare a new planting bed or when adding large amounts of organic material. Tilling will cultivate the soil 4-10 inches deep and is typically used for planting beds that have very poor soil.

We also take this opportunity to assess watering capabilities based on the requirements of you landscape design.

If necessary, we will move, add, or replace exiting sprinklers and irrigation lines to accommodate watering needs and improve water management and efficiency. Another important purpose is to ensure excess water is channeled away to stormwater drains and basins.

We utilize the 811, national call-before-you-dig phone number, prior to any digging, cultivating or tilling. We then note the locate of utilities; wires, conductor lines, etc., and mark them accordingly to avoid any damage or disruption in service.

Planting Preparation and Installation

Once we have prepared the soil, irrigation and noted the location of utilities, planting can begin. We typically start by planting trees, large shrubs, perennials, and annuals.

Mulch, and/or stone is added around trees and to the beds as a weed control, insulation against extreme temperature changes, and to help with water retention/management. It also prevents soil compaction and protects from mechanical damage. In some instances, we may also add beneficial organic material to your native soil to improve it for plants. Usually this is done by mixing in some compost as we install plants.

Fertilization is an important part of plant establishment, particularly in urban areas where much of the native topsoil is removed during development and subsoil deficient in essential nutrients becomes the new topsoil. We make sure that your new landscaping is properly fertilized and can help you establish a maintenance plan to keep it looking healthy and beautiful throughout the year.

Depending on the size and shape stakes may be used to support trees and some shrubs and plants. Staking is necessary to hold the root ball firmly in the soil. If the root ball moves in the wind, emerging roots could be damaged and newly planted trees will take longer to establish and grow. 

Lawn Installation

If sodding and/or seeding are part of your landscape design we will take the necessary steps to prepare the soil, cultivate and grade the area to ensure healthy lawn growth.

Watering Requirements

Newly planted trees, shrubs, lawns, and other landscaping require frequent watering to help facilitate healthy growth and development. Therefore, we make sure your newly planted landscaping is receiving the proper amount of water throughout the initial planting stage. If you have an existing sprinkler system, we will set up the watering programs to ensure your plants are receiving the right amount of water.

We typically follow these watering guidelines with installation of new landscaping:

  • 1-2 weeks after planting, water daily.
  • 3-12 weeks after planting, water every 2 to 3 days.
  • 12 weeks after planting, water weekly until roots are established

Finishing Touches

Once your new landscaping is installed there are some additional features that will help it really stand out.

Edging provides a defined line between area of your landscape. Edging can be done in several ways. In clay soils, it can be a simple edge cut using a spade. In situations where soil is not as compact, steel, plastic and stone edging will be employed to create clean, defined lines.

Outdoor lighting can also be used to enhance the beauty and features of your landscape design during the evening. A well-designed lighting scheme is both visually appealing and increases safety and security at night.

Our plant warranties vary from location to location based on regional differences. You will be provided plant warranty information when you receive your proposal from our design professional.

Post Installation

Pruning of newly planted plants should be limited to removing dead or damaged branches. It is important to allow new plants ample foliage to aid in photosynthesis and plant establishment.

After finishing your installation, our installation professionals will perform a clean-up to ensure your landscape is left better than when we arrived. At this time, we will complete a site walkthrough with you to confirm our installation meets your expectations. Our Done Right Promise ensure your complete satisfaction.

We will also provide you with after care instructions and answer any questions to help you manage your newly installed landscaping.

Our Mission

The Grounds Guys are on a mission to cultivate lasting relationships with our customers through exceptional customer service. Therefore, it is essential that we deliver artistry and excellence with every job we accept. As a customer you can expect a seamless experience from design to project completion.

Because we understand your landscape is an investment and a reflection of your business, we take extra steps to ensure every detail of our installation is reviewed to ensure your complete satisfaction.

To get started give us a call or request an estimate online and we will schedule a mutually convenient in-person meeting with you.

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