Residential Lawn Top Dressing Services

Have weeds and diseases ruined the look of your lawn? Our Lawn top dressing services may be the solution.

What is lawn top dressing? Top dressing is a lawn maintenance practice that involves placing a thin layer of organic material on top of an established lawn. Doing this helps to improve the soil composition because the organic material works its way beneath the existing turf-grass and into the soil profile.

Repeated lawn top dressing combined with lawn aeration, dethatching, and over-seeding can help make your lawn beautiful again. Our friendly professionals look forward to helping you maintain and enjoy a beautiful lawn all year round.

Lawn Top Dressing Benefits:

  • Helps aerate compacted soils.
  • Helps release nutrients in compost slowly and over a long period, with minimal nutrient leaching.
  • Introduces compost microbes that digest thatch.
  • Provides much-needed organic nutrients to the lawn.
  • Improves drainage, which helps reduce the risk of fungus.
  • Helps create thicker, healthier strands of grass.
  • Improves drought tolerance of turf grass.
  • Can help reduce the quantity or need for chemicals and fertilizers to be applied on the lawn.

Organic Benefits:

Correcting the soil and incorporating an organic fertilizer program is often sufficient to maintain a healthy lawn. Topdressing helps to improve soil quality over time. As organic matter breaks down, it filters through the existing soil to improve the texture and the overall health of your lawn.

Best Time to Top Dress a Lawn

The ideal time for lawn top dressing is when your lawn is actively growing. Some lawns benefit from topdressing twice a year. We recommend doing it when heading into prime growing conditions. Our local landscape experts perform topdressing in spring and/or fall.

Why Hire a Professional for Lawn Top Dressing Services?

We know many homeowners may opt to tackle top dressing on their own. However, top dressing a lawn is a labor-intensive and time-consuming job. Doing it effectively also requires using the proper tools to break up the thatch layer. Although lawn top dressing costs will vary depending on the size of your lawn, it’s always best to hire a professional that knows how to perform the process correctly to get the best results.

The Grounds Guys are your local experts when it comes to lawn top dressing. We equip our trucks with the proper tools, and our trained landscaping professionals know how to do the job right the first time. In addition to our experience and expertise we also:

  • Have the proper tools to get the job done efficiently and without damaging your lawn.
  • Know which topdressing process will work best for your lawn to create long-term results.
  • Help save you time, money, and reduce the amount of effort required to have a beautiful, green lawn.
  • Create a lawn that enhances your landscaping and improves the curb appeal of your home.

Professional Lawn Top Dressing Services

Are you ready to renovate and revitalize your lawn? When you add our professional lawn top dressing services to your lawn maintenance program, your landscape will surely be a showstopper! For more information on lawn top dressing costs and the other landscape services will provide, contact us or request a free job estimate today!

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