A business that is beautifully landscaped really catches the eye. It often serves as a calling card for potential customers and is a sense of pride for employees. But designing a beautiful landscape for your business takes considerable time, effort, and planning.

The experts at The Grounds Guys are trained in horticulture and landscape design. We never back down from a landscaping challenge because we have the knowledge, experience, and training to bring even the most ambitious landscape ideas to life.

When designing a landscape we apply elements of unity, scale, balance, harmony, simplicity, symmetry, variety emphasis and sequence to creatively integrate lines, form, texture, and color to create a landscape design you and your employees can be proud of.

We know how to capture your vision and can help express your ideas through greenspace. We’ll help craft a landscape that meets your needs, suits your preferences, and helps attract customers.


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What makes our designs different?

Developing an Initial Plan

It all starts with a plan. Our landscape design experts will meet with you in person to discuss your ideas, offer suggestions, and outline a plan that meets your specific needs and your expectations. We’ll schedule this in-person meeting at a time that is most convenient for you.

Perform a Site Analysis

Part of our planning will include a site analysis to factor in existing features that must be accounted for in the landscape design. This will include taking measurements, photos, and a visual inspection of your property. Once completed we will provide one or more of the following:

  • 3D photo imaging of plant material
  • CAD drawing of plant material, irrigation, and existing landscape
  • A design, fact sheets and scope of work proposal

Reviewing and Finalizing the Design

Once the initial plan has been developed, we will review the design with you. The design will indicate how space on the plan relates to space in your actual property and the relationship between sizes of specific elements of the design. We’ll review the landscape contrast and the differences in tone, texture, mass, or color between the various landscape design elements. We’ll review plant combinations and/or pairings that highlight a specific area and allow each plant to shine.

Based on the contour of your property we may purpose changes in ground elevations or grade. These may take the form of a mound, swale, or combination of the two.

We will determine a focal point for the design; an element in your landscape design that is meant to be most prominent. The focal point can be a plant, boulder, statuary, gathering space, or other landscape feature.

We will also take the ecological aspect into account to create a landscape design that is compatible with a sites’ environment in both appearance and sustainability without negatively impacting the surrounding environment.

When recommending or accessing the choice of plants within your design we will consider the hardiness scale, which accesses the ability of a plant or tree to survive near-freezing and subfreezing temperatures. Since many factors can determine cold hardiness, we will review/discuss various options.

During the design review stage, we will confirm your specific landscape goals, offer ideas based on our experience, and discuss the overall scope of work. But it is your landscape goals and vision that will guide the process and determine the final design, not our style and/or preferences. We’ll consider things like, climate, required maintenance, watering, and any restrictions before finalizing your design. During the landscape design process, you’ll receive a basic drawing or plan containing the key details of the design and showing the footprint of key elements within the design.

Plant Selection and Placement

Selecting the right plants is important to the health and appearance of your landscape design. When developing a successful landscape, consideration must be given to the following: 

  • Sunlight (Intensity and Duration)
  • Moisture (Quality and Quantity)
  • Weather (Wind and Temperatures)
  • Soils (Drainage and Compaction)
  • Hardiness Zone (Survivability)
  • Competition (Existing Plants)
  • Location (Structures and Utilities)

Incorporating annuals, perennials and biennials can help add year-round color to your landscape design.

Since size, orientation, and perceived mass of elements can all play a role in your design, we factor “balance” into many of our design concepts. We also suggest using trees and/or shrubs to provide privacy, block a view, or as a natural boundary or barrier within your design. Specimen Trees can be used to focus or attract attention to a specific area of your landscaping. They can be unique, with interesting features that offer lots of character.

Topiaries are among the most flamboyant of specimen trees and can be incorporated easily into several different landscape designs.

We may also incorporate accent plants that provide interest and generally stand out in the landscape due to their color, texture, and/or blooms. Although they do not set the structure of the garden and they primarily serve as an aesthetic element.

We Develop “Water Wise” Designs

As we finalize your design, we also factor in watering requirements and water consumption. We believe water management and conservation should always be a consideration when developing a landscape design. Therefore, our designs are “water wise” so plants, trees and shrubs can survive periods of limited water availability. Many of the plants we choose are environmentally friendly because they decrease the amount of water needed to maintain a healthy landscape and help reduce water requirements, and your bills.

In some cases, we may utilize a Xeriscaping design, which requires very little, or no water, with drought-tolerant plants and more hardscaping.

To reduce the water requirement, we can also incorporate a rock garden into your design that consist of stones, with plantings that complement and thrive in the rocky environment. We can also include a rain garden into your landscape design that allows rainwater to gradually soak into the ground to nourish your landscaping.

Design Changes

Once installation of your design has begun, changes to the original scope of work should be initiated through a change order. Once requested changes are reviewed and approved, they will be implemented.

Landscape Facelift

As landscape ages, it gets overgrown and outdated. Updating your landscaping can rejuvenate your property and provide a renewed enjoyment and sense of pride for employees and customers. It can also improve the curb appeal of your business.

Our Mission

The Grounds Guys are on a mission to cultivate lasting relationships with our customers through exceptional customer service. Therefore, it is essential that we deliver artistry and excellence with every job we accept. As a customer you can expect a seamless experience from design to project completion.

Because we understand your landscape is an investment and an extension of your business, we take extra steps to ensure every detail of your design is reviewed to ensure your complete satisfaction.

To get started give us a call and we will schedule a mutually convenient in-person meeting with you.

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