Residential Lawn Dethatching Service

Thatch is one of the biggest threats to a homeowner’s lawn. Thatch is organic matter consisting of intermingled leaves, roots, and living and dead stems. Thatch buildup can cause lawn problems, including moss growth and create a breeding ground for diseases and harmful insects. But there’s a solution: lawn dethatching.

Lawn dethatching involves using a mechanical lawn dethatcher to remove a thick layer of excessive thatch. It’s a highly labor-intensive task that requires several passes in different directions. Performing this maintenance brings up enough thatch to help reduce the risk of lawn issues. But, this is one job that is best left to the professionals.

Fortunately, The Grounds Guys lawn dethatching service can save you from the hassle of renting a lawn dethatcher and the time that goes into dethatching properly. Our trained landscape professionals are ready to help your lawn stay healthy, neat, and attractive!

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Harmful Things Thatch Buildup Can Do to Your Lawn

  • Forms a barrier that strips the root system of nutrients, air, and water.
  • Creates a space for insect infestations to thrive.
  • Thatch creates an environment where diseases can grow and harbor insects that can damage your lawn.

Lawn Dethatching Service Benefits

  • Allows air, water, and nutrients to reach the soil and improve grass and soil health.
  • Dethatching costs significantly less than replacing a lawn, disposing of it and reseeding or re-sodding.
  • Stimulates new grass root growth.
  • Allows for better drainage.
  • Can prepare your lawn for overseeding or reseeding.

What Is the Best Season to Dethatch?

Generally, we recommend lawn dethatching during the spring or fall depending on the grass type and region you live in. These are the best seasons to dethatch because it allows the lawn to recover more quickly from the stress of the dethatching process

Why Choose Us for Lawn Dethatching Service?

Homeowners that care about their property’s appearance know how important it is to perform routine lawn maintenance. Hiring someone with the experience required to maintain your lawn correctly can save you considerable time and expense. Our experts have years of experience, so they know the proper techniques to dethatch your lawn, correct problems, and keep it healthy and thriving.

We take pride in our work, and our dedicated team of landscape professionals will always leave your lawn looking better than before. So, once we’ve completed the job, we rake and haul away the debris to be composted. Once this process is complete, it’s the perfect time to consider top dressing with compost and overseeding.

Top Dressing

After dethatching, your lawn may benefit from top dressing. Top dressing requires spreading a thin layer of organic material on your lawn to enhance the soil. We can top dress your lawn with compost that adds organic matter and improves the soil.

Lawn Overseeding

Overseeding the lawn after detaching is a great way to help your lawn get back to its green, thick, and lush look. Our experts can help improve the health of your lawn by adding seeds that are resistant to specific insects and diseases. It’s an ideal way to help your yard overcome insect infestations.

Professional Lawn Dethatching Service Near Me

Lawn dethatching is an important part of maintaining a healthy lawn, but it can be a time-consuming and labor intensive process. Doing it properly requires proper equipment and expertise. The Grounds Guys are experts when it comes to lawn dethatching and other landscape services.! To learn more or to get started, request a free job estimate today.

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