Commercial Tree Fertilization Services

Do the trees and shrubs on your commercial property look unhealthy? If so, a lack of proper nutrients could be to blame. Nutrient deficiency contributes to discolored leaves, leaf loss, stunted growth, dead branches and twigs, and other deformities. The Grounds Guys commercial shrub fertilization services can help your trees and shrubs flourish. Our local professional arborists are here for you.

You can add our shrub and commercial tree fertilization service to your existing commercial lawn care maintenance program to keep your business looking sharp all year!

Reasons Why Trees and Shrubs Are Nutrient Deficient

Trees and shrubs thrive in their natural, wooded environment because the soil is rich in organic matter and nutrients. But on a commercial landscape, trees and shrubs are forced to compete with turfgrass and other plants for nutrients. Removing organic matter, fallen leaves, and other sources of nutrients from the landscape is another factor that can contribute to soil deficiency.

Commercial Tree Fertilization Services Offered:

Our landscape experts take pride in restoring the vitality of the trees and shrubs on your commercial property. The Grounds Guys tree care experts use various methods to deliver the essential nutrients your trees and shrubs need to flourish, such as:

  • Deep root fertilization
  • fertilization
  • Soil drenching
  • Trunk injections
  • Surface application
  • Vertical mulching (aka vertimulching)

Deep root fertilization

Deep root fertilization or deep root feeding is a specialized application method that can be performed in spring or fall. Deep root feeding is an excellent way to deliver nutrients to the surrounding shrubs and trees. Our professional arborists use a probe to inject liquid fertilizer into the soil during this process to ensure your trees and shrubs receive the proper amount of nutrients.

Benefits of Deep Root Feeding:

  • Improves and rejuvenates soil structure.
  • Helps to stimulate root and stem growth and allows roots to grow faster and more robust.
  • Makes it easier for the root systems to absorb oxygen, water, and nutrients by reducing soil compaction around trees and shrubs.
  • Helps trees and shrubs be less vulnerable to pests and develop greater resistance to plant diseases.
  • Can help trees and shrubs recover from stressful conditions caused by construction damage and weather.

Foliar fertilization

Our landscape professionals can also use foliar applications to supply plants with secondary nutrients and micronutrients needed during the growing season. These foliar applications are an essential part of proper landscape maintenance.

Soil drenching

Soil drenching is a process that involves delivering liquid fertilizer around the base of the plant. This process provides nutrients and living organisms to trees and shrubs, which helps them remain healthy and thriving.

Trunk injections

Treating trees with trunk injections can effectively correct health issues related to chlorosis, micro-nutrient deficiencies, or construction injury. These injections have vital fertilizer and micronutrients that trees and shrubs need to maintain good health.

Surface application

Mulched garden areas can benefit from surface applications of fertilizer and nutrients. We can do this when fertilizing annuals, ground covers, perennials, and small shrubs.

Vertical mulching

This procedure can be used on trees to aerate the soil, partially de-compact the soil, deliver fertilizer, and inoculate the root zone. This is another process designed to maintain the health and vitality of your commercial landscaping.

Professional Commercial Tree Fertilization Services Near Me

Investing in a tree and commercial shrub fertilization service is a good way to keep your business looking good. The Grounds Guys team of landscape experts can help maintain the inviting look of your business and make it attractive to potential customers. To learn more about all of our commercial landscape services, contact us today for a free job estimate.

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