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Your commercial lawn is an investment; weeds can destroy it. Our landscaping and lawn care service team has got you covered. We can make sure that your lawn stays green, vibrant, lush, and weed-free.

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What types of weeds can The Grounds Guys treat?

There are three major types of weeds:

  • Perennial weeds — Examples of perennial weeds include dandelions, thistles, and daisies. These weeds develop massive, complex root systems, which enable them to come back every year. They are very difficult to get rid of because even after removing the root, if anything is left over, the entire system will regrow.
  • Annual weeds — Examples of annuals include chickweed and groundsel. These weeds may take less than a year to germinate, flower, and die, but they can spread seeds quickly and take up a possessive residence in your lawn or garden.
  • Bulbil-producing weeds — Examples of bulbil-producing weeds include Oxalis and buttercups. These weeds are so named because they produce networks of miniature bulbs that usually must be killed with chemicals.

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At The Grounds Guys, our commercial landscaping experts can treat any and every type of weed that might present itself. We understand how to eradicate any existing weeds and how to protect your lawn from future infestations. Our weed control experts are highly trained and knowledgeable. We’re proud of what we do and proud to put our customers first. Ready to schedule an appointment? Call now!

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*Services involving pesticides are subject to state and local licensing and certification and may not be available at all locations.

Commercial Weed Control Service

Don't let stubborn weeds ruin the look of your property's lawn. The Grounds Guys commercial weed control service can help you maintain a lawn that looks great.has you covered! Our landscape experts use effective methods to know how to effectively eliminate and control weeds on your lawn. We're a local commercial weed control company that can help you cares for and strives to maintain a beautiful lawn and the professional look of your commercial site.

Commercial Weed Removal Services

We recommend adding our weekly commercial weed removal services to your lawn maintenance plan can help you maintain a lush, green lawn throughout the growing season. Our commercial weed control services and maintenance programs include:

  • Initial weeding and maintenance service
  • Bed pre-emergent applications
  • Hand pulling and weekly chemical control techniques
  • Chemical and organic weeding applications
  • Remove and control tree seedlings
  • Sucker sprouts control
  • Hand weeding

Initial weeding and maintenance service

Initial weeding is the first step to eliminating weeds from your commercial property's landscape. This first visit is typically more time-consuming and requires more considerable effort. Once the initial weeding process is complete, our landscape experts can help keep your property's lawn virtually weed-free with weekly maintenance visits.

Bed pre-emergent applications

Weeds are constantly growing, and controlling weeds them can seem like an uphill battle, especially in areas where other methods can’t keep up with their constant growth of weeds. In these instances, we'll use bed pre-emergent applications during specific times of the season. Bed pre-emergent applications have proven to be can be highly successful in stopping the growth of weeds.

Hand-pulling and weekly chemical control techniques

One of our most effective commercial weed removal services is hand pulling and weekly chemical control techniques. This service also incorporates chemical control, hand pulling, and cutting off suckers and undesirable saplings at the base of plants. Performing these Doing this weekly services can help keep your commercial property looking well-landscaped and professional.

Treating the lawn with chemical and organic applications

Our landscape experts will only treat the areas with apply chemical and organic applications treatments to areas where the weeds are invading,. We ensure in accordance with your local and state regulations.

Remove and control seedlings

Trees release seedlings often. However, the problems can occur when the seedlings sprout inside plants. If left unaddressed, these seedlings can grow and damage or kill plants. Our solution is to We cut these seedlings off at the base of the plant or treat them with a chemical that can to prevent seedling growth.

Sucker sprouts control and removal

If sucker sprouts are growing out of control on your lawn, it can negatively impact the appearance of your business. We can remove these aggressive sprouts from the base of the plant. It's a labor-intensive task, but . Treating them with specific control materials is viable and can help stop their growth when manual removal isn't an option.

Weeding by hand

Treating weeds with chemical applications isn't always an option in some areas. In such this instances, our landscape experts will manually remove weeds by hand opt for manual hand weeding.

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Keep weeds at bay with The Grounds Guys commercial weed control services. To keep your commercial property looking great all year long, Ask us about our other commercial lawn care programs. We’re here to help! Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with our landscape experts.
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