The Grounds Guys

Meet The Grounds Guys of Garner

The Team

Mike Wornom- President & Owner

Mike Wornom, Owner

As the President and Owner of the Grounds Guys of Garner and a veteran of the Marine Corps, Mike is dedicated to providing clients with the best customer experience. His willingness to go the extra mile for our clients makes him a great leader for our team.

Experienced Landscapers

The Grounds Guys of Garner has decades of experience in various types of landscaping, but leaders Mike, Jon, and Kyle are set apart by more than experience. Their dedication to customer satisfaction and happiness is what has made them the premier landscaping service in Johnston County for more than 5 years—and what will set them apart in the area for many years to come. Their favorite experience on every job is the smile their happy customers give them when they see their workmanship.

What allows them to accomplish such consistently excellent results for homeowners and property managers throughout Garner? Part of it is an unrelenting desire to be the best. Mike and Kyle update their equipment on an ongoing basis in order to provide the best results and service possible. They even switch out mower blades on a daily basis to make sure customers’ lawns are cut with precision.

Another part of it is the sheer knowledge and education our team possesses. Jon, our Operations Manager, has spent the last two decades in the landscaping industry. He studied plant and soil science in college, giving him a unique level of know-how when it comes to taking care of your lawn, fields, flower beds, and more. He's an incredible resource for our team and our clients throughout Garner.

Professionalism & Customer Service

They also take pride in their business’ image in the community. That’s why Grounds Guys employees in Garner always wear clean uniforms and have bright logos on their vans. When the Grounds Guys are on their way, you can be sure to spot them from a distance in their clean and professional attire.

Our team, more than anything, take pride in their devotion to making their customers’ lives easier and better. For example, they make sure that property owners in remote locations receive detailed quality control reports monthly so they know how their property is being handled. Even when the client is at a distance, they want their relationship with customers to be personal and friendly.

Whether it means delivering detailed reports on a regular basis, or something as simple as always showing up on time, Mike and his team are a powerhouse resource for landowners in Johnston County. With decades of knowledge and experience, genuine love for landscaping, and a desire to provide the best service, their business will be beautifying the landscape of Garner for a long time to come.

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