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Garner, NC Landscaping

First Impressions Matter. Let Us Help with Clayton Landscaping Services!

Do you need professional help for your lawn or landscaping in Garner, NC? Get the assistance of our Clayton grounds care specialists as soon as possible! Backed by industry-leading expertise, we can help keep your lawn green, your beds edged, and your landscaping looking fantastic all year-round. We know how much it can mean to have a beautiful, lush lawn around your home and business.

Why Should You Contact Our Grounds Care Company?

Sure, you could hire just anyone to mow your lawn—but why work with amateurs? When you hire The Grounds Guys of Garner, you can be confident knowing that you are working with true professionals.

Just some of the benefits of hiring our team:

  • We will arrive in clean, branded vehicles.
  • Our personnel will be professional and in uniform.
  • All of our responses to you will be timely.
  • Our equipment is safe, reliable, and regularly maintained.
  • We deliver quick status and quality reports
Your Full Service Lawn & Landscape Company
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Professional Landscaping & Lawn Care in Garner, NC

At The Grounds Guys, we offer both commercial and residential services ranging from seasonal work to one-time projects. Our Garner, NC landscaping and lawn care is second to none!

Just some of the different services that we offer include the following:

  • Clean-Up
  • Edging
  • Fertilization & Pesticides
  • Leaf Blowing
  • Mowing
  • Mulching
  • Aerating
  • Dethatching
  • Pesticides
  • Landscape Enhancements

No matter whether you need to have leaves cleaned up from your yard during the fall or want to have regular mowing services, we are the Clayton, NC landscaping and lawn care company that you can rely upon. We are committed to the success of our customers and dedicated to using eco-friendly solutions.

Call to request your free estimate! Serving Clayton, Garner, and Raleigh.

NCLC License #: 2910

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The Grounds Guys of Garner

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  • Garner, 
  • Raleigh

What Our Customers Have to Say

    “I have used them for over 3 years and they cannot be more dependable and caring about the work they do. Trust these guys to do it right....”

    - Ralph Castanza

    “They do what they say and help anyway they can. I had the worst yard in the world and they made it great. I have used them for over 3 years and can always depend on them to do the right thing.”

    - Ralph Castanza

    “Thank you Jon and crew for the wonderful work you did on our yard! Jon came out to give us a quote he was very knowledgable and gave great insight for our yard. Everything turned out exactly how we ...”

    - Cassie and Mike S.

    “I would advise this company to anyone. They are always on time, very good work, neatness, and. very reasonable rates. Love them.”

    - Eileen Smith

We Believe in The Value of C.A.R.E.

Customers First • Attitude • Respect • Enjoy life in the process

Our Difference

  • Clean, Branded Vehicles
  • Professional, Uniformed Personnel
  • Timely Response Guarantee
  • Safe, Reliable Equipment Maintained Daily
  • Status and Quality Reports Delivered Timely

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  • Gravel and stone pathway with water tank
  • Brick home with path through front yard
  • Front of brick home with bushes
  • Man planting on the side of the road
  • Man digging trench on the side of the road
  • Side view of house with foliage
  • Side view of house and wooden fence
  • Yard with tile, grass, and flowers clustered around mailbox
  • Front view of mailbox, sidewalk, and a yard with flowers
  • Pot of white and red flowers on wooden porch
  • Pot of purple and white flowers on wooden porch
  • Purple and white flowers with greenery on wooden porch
  • Front of green home with dirt yard
  • Tree in red mulch surrounded by terra cotta blocks
  • Front view of tree in red mulch surrounded by terra cotta blocks
  • Trees in circular plot with mulch
  • Trees in oval plot with mulch
  • Baby trees in oval plot with shade
  • Close up of trees in plot with mulch
  • Men working on a tarp in forest
  • Woodchip yard with red path and patio furniture
  • Tree in small circular plot and side view of beige house
  • Large bush and side view of grey home
  • Large tree looming over dilapidated fence
  • Side view of green house with wooden fence
  • Side view of beige house with chain link fence
  • White wooden fence with black chain link fence
  • White wooden fence opening up into a field
  • Structure of a winding path laid out in the dirt
  • Men laying cement in front of a white house
  • Side view of men laying cement with a pool in distance
  • Men laying cement with a view of a pool and white home
  • Fresh cement in front of a white home
  • Wooden gazebo structure with cement winding path
  • Wooden gazebo structure with cement winding path in shade
  • Wooden gazebo structure with cement winding path in sunlight
  • Wooden gazebo with roof and cement path
  • Man working on wooden gazebo with roof
  • Finished gazebo with winding concrete path
  • Front view of large tan house with yard and American flag
  • View of tan house with yard and bushes
  • Tan home with rosebushes and yard in front
  • Straight on view of tan home in shade with rosebushes and yard
  • Close up of plants in brick plot in front of home
  • View of brick plot and white patio staircase
  • Brick home with American flag and dead front yard
  • Home with ribbon around front column and dead yard
  • Dead yard and tree in front of white truck
  • Back of brick home with dead yard and grey heaters
  • Dead yard with pine tree in circular plot of land
  • White gas tank behind brick home with green yard
  • Collage of Grounds Guys doing various jobs
  • Grounds Guys laying brick on cement
  • Brick home with patio and men laying cement in a circular patio formation
  • Home on large plot of land with blue sky
  • Home with second story patio and concrete patio on yard
  • Aerial view of home with second story patio and concrete patio on yard
  • Large brick home with patio and yard workers
  • Large brick home with backhoe clearing yard
  • Yard work job site
  • Half moon cement patio in progress with yard workers
  • Stone and wood home with large green yard and tile pathway
  • Back side of brick and stucco building with planters
  • Back side of brick and stucco building viewed with driveway
  • Close up of planter next to black chair
  • Planters on sidewalk with Texas sign in background
  • Planters with various shrubbery in middle of road
  • Planter next to greenery strip in middle of parking lot with cars
  • Hose on a brick pathway winding through yard behind a brick home
  • Brick firepit and patio behind a brick house with a wooden porch
  • Gardening tools in plot of land behind brick house
  • Corner of brick house with yard and construction tools
  • Side of brick house with bushes and white fence
  • Gravel path with yard behind house
  • Backhoe in dirt path by yard
  • Brick pathway through yard behind house
  • Men laying brick to build out back patio
  • Back brick patio and walkway in progress
  • Completed brick pathway winding through dirt yard
  • Completed brick pathway and patio in back yard
  • Workers completing the finishing touches on patio and walkway
  • Brick path by home shaded by large tree
  • Hose on brick pathway shaded by tree
  • View of completed brick patio with fire pit in back yard
  • Large yard with completed brick pathway and fire pit in the sunlight
  • Brick and white home with freshly trimmed green yard
  • Large, freshly trimmed yard with lawnmower marks
  • Large, freshly trimmed yard with lawnmower marks next to blue in ground pool

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The Grounds Guys is a Neighborly Company. Lawn care and landscaping are some of the many home maintenance solutions available to you through Neighborly. At Neighborly, we are committed to being there for all your home services needs.