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What Does a Proper Spring Clean Up Consist Of?

Spring is the time of growth and change. It’s also the perfect opportunity to tidy up your property and make sure all elements are safe, healthy, and beautiful. We recommend several steps to complete a proper spring clean-up—which can end up being a big job. But if you’re determined to have everything looking just right, it’s important to complete the entire checklist below. If you need help, the professionals at The Ground Guys can help you get it all done. Here’s a list of some of the services we offer: -Checklist-SpringLawnMaintenance-Color-REV-0319.pdf

  • Clean up lawn and garden beds.

  • Inspect the health of trees, shrubs, and lawn.

  • Prune trees and shrubs.

  • Repair bed lines and edging.

  • Aerate the lawn using a core aerator.

  • Add a layer of fresh mulch.

  • Make sure downspouts are draining properly.

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Clean Up Leaves, Debris, and Assess Lawn Health

The first step is to initiate a full clean-up of your property, which includes inspecting the health of the lawn, pruning any shrubs, trees, and clearing any debris. Removing dead leaves, loose twigs, branches, and any other debris that may have fallen during the winter months will provide an opportunity to do a more thorough inspection of the property.

Pruning Trees and Scrubs

With all the debris cleared, trees and shrubs will be inspected for any necessary pruning. Spring is an ideal time for pruning, as some trees and plants should only be pruned during spring months. Lilacs, for example, should be pruned very early in the spring, or after blooming in the summer. Pruning prematurely—before blooming—means you won’t get to witness the beautiful blossoms this plant has to offer. The Grounds Guys professionals know exactly when to prune each specific plant to enhance the beauty of your property.

Tree and shrub trimmings will be removed and disposed of properly. Downspouts will be checked to make sure they are draining properly. Then it's on to the property borders and planting beds. Occasionally bed lines can get damaged from snow removal equipment or by falling branches. Any damaged bed liners will be repaired or replaced. This is also a great time to apply new mulch to planting beds—which will have them looking sharp and ready to keep plants healthy. Bed maintenance is not always fun, but when it’s done right, it can add a nice finishing touch to a beautiful, well-manicured lawn.

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Lawn Care Essentials

Now, it’s time to take care of that lawn and get it looking it's absolute best! A beautiful lawn starts with a healthy, thriving lawn. To start, we check the overall health of your turf—look for any places where the grass is thinning, browning, or needs seeding and/or sod. Any weeds or fungus will be treated and removed. After completing these tasks, it’s time to air things out!

Lawn Care Maintenance

Spring is a great time to air things out, and your lawn is no different. If you’re not familiar with lawn aeration, it’s a crucial part of maintaining a healthy, thriving lawn. It’s a process that should be done at least once a year. Chances are that most of those lush green lawns you admire have been aerated by a local lawn care professional.

Aeration is a relatively simple process, but not always easy to get right. Doing it right usually requires the use of a core aerator—which punches small holes into the turf while removing small pieces. The process allows your lawn to breathe by opening up the top few inches of turf and soil, which enables air and water to circulate more freely throughout the root system. It also helps break up dense soil that can prevent your lawn from thriving and growing uniformly. The small pieces of the core that are removed are left on the lawn surface to break down—usually over a few weeks—and serves as food for the lawn and soil.

Core aeration also encourages new lawn growth, which is crucial for minimizing the growth of pesky weeds. Nothing is tougher for weeds to penetrate than a thick, healthy lawn. Once aeration is complete, it’s an ideal time to fertilize your lawn. Based on specific weather conditions at the time your lawn aeration is complete, we’ll advise on the type and amount of fertilizer and feed need to optimize the growth of your lawn.

Achieving and maintaining a beautiful lawn is one of the many joys of owning a home. But such an achievement doesn’t come without investing a lot of time, energy, and effort. If you would rather spend your time doing other things, but still want a lawn that others will admire, contact your local The Grounds Guys professional for expert lawn care and service.