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Snow Blower or Plow: What's Better?

(Updated April 10, 2023)

Freshly fallen snow looks beautiful, as white crystals blanket everything in sight. Unfortunately, that includes your sidewalks and driveway, where snow removal is necessary for ease of movement and safety. There are a number of snow removal options to choose from, and which works best for you and your property is a personal decision that only you can make. Before you head out to purchase a snow blower or plow, do your research to make the most of your investment. For best results, let The Grounds Guys clear the driveway and sidewalks of your home or business for you.

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Snow Plow vs. Snow Blower

Shoveling snow is back-breaking work, and only practical in areas of the country that experience snow once or twice a season. For the rest of the country, a snow blower or plow is the perfect solution for safe snow removal, but which one is right for you?

Snow Plow

snow plow on ATV

A snow plow is an accessory which is affixed to the front of a commercial vehicle, ATV, or UTV, and used to effectively scoop and displace snow with a curved, angled blade. If you're wondering if a snow plow is the best option for your needs, consider the following:


  • Speed - With the right vehicle behind it, a snow plow can quickly and effortlessly clear large volumes of snow.
  • Capacity - A snow plow is a great solution for larger applications such as long driveways or parking lots.
  • Reliability - There is little that can go wrong with the snow plow itself, and if it is attached to a dependable vehicle, it can provide years of reliable service.


  • Cost - Purchasing a heavy duty snow plow is a big investment, in addition to the cost of vehicle purchase and operation.
  • Visibility - Visibility is reduced at the ground level, with an increased chance of an accident or damage to the vehicle or property.
  • Space Restrictions - Do you have a dedicated space to store your snow plow during the winter and/or offseason? In addition to storing the plow itself, the nature of the equipment means there are limitations on where it can place the resulting piles of snow.
  • Damage - Increased speed, limited visibility, and a powerful motor can result in damage to your vehicle, lawn, structural components, and surfaces such as brick or loose stone.
  • Limitations - The size and power of a snow plow render it ineffective for clearing areas such as a deck or patio, sidewalks or paths, and short to medium sized driveways.

Snow Blower

man using a snowblower

A snow blower is an independent unit which is guided by the user from behind. While there are many different makes, models, and features to choose from, the basic mechanics are the same: snow is removed from a designated surface using a rotating, spiral blade which picks it up and propels it out the side.


  • Size - Their compact size makes a snowblower much easier to store, and maneuver in tight spaces.
  • Visibility - Ground level access means you can see everything in front of and around you.
  • Safety - Built-in safety features and hands-on control are safer for the user and their property.
  • Efficiency - Make quick work of smaller driveways and walkways.


  • Exposure - During the process of clearing your property, you will be exposed to the elements, including freezing temperatures, falling snow, or cold wind.
  • Time - It can take much longer to clear a large area using a snow blower in comparison to a snow plow.
  • Capacity - Smaller, single-stage snow blowers work extremely well with light and fluffy snow. Snow that is heavy and has a lot of moisture in it makes using this machine more difficult due to their design and lack the power. Two-stage or three-stage snow blowers are designed for heavier snow.
  • Depth – Single-stage snow blowers are best suited for snowfall up to 6 inches or 15.24 centimeters. Deeper snowfall requires investing in a more expensive machine like a two-stage or three-stage snow blower.

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