The Dangers of Postponing Snow Removal

In most regions of North America, snowfall is a normal part of winter. Are you the type of person to jump on snow removal, or are you tempted to put it off? Learn the dangers of postponing snow removal and how hiring a professional may be a better option than attempting snow removal yourself.

Fallen tree and snow with text-The dangers of postponing snow removal

Safety and Liability Issues

Snow and ice on walkways create a slipping hazard. If you or a family member falls on the ice, serious injuries are possible. If you own a business and someone slips and falls on your sidewalks, you could be held liable in a lawsuit.

Prompt snow removal following a storm prevents the freeze/thaw cycle from covering your sidewalks and driveway with impervious ice. This makes your property safer for everyone who comes and goes.

Hard Work

When an impending storm is projected to drop several inches of snow, it’s wise to get outside and shovel your driveway even while the snow is still coming down. After all, it’s much easier to move two inches of snow than six, even if it means you end up making multiple shoveling trips. This tip can help keep you from straining your back and even prevent a heart attack if you’re not in the best health.

Lost Business

If you own a business, your customers may not be able to enter the premises if you don’t get on top of snow removal right away. The longer your delay, the more business and money you stand to lose.

Roof Overload and Collapse

Buildings in cold climates include specifications for snow load, which is the weight of snow a roof is rated to handle. Local building codes require roofs to be able to bear a certain amount of weight based on the climate and the amount of snow typically seen in that area. Deteriorated roofs may not hold as much weight as they once could, and an extra heavy snowfall may put so much pressure on the roof that it collapses. The weight of snow on a roof increases as the freeze/thaw cycle turns fluffy snow into heavier ice. This means it’s important not to put off snow removal. Acting as soon as possible after a bad storm may save your roof from collapse.

Professional Snow and Ice Removal

If you have a large residential or commercial property, , snow and ice removal is best left to the professionals. Specialists in snow removal have the proper equipment to quickly and safely remove snow from your driveway, sidewalks, parking lot and roof. Leaving the job to a professional ensures your safety while saving you from having to tackle the snow removal yourself.

Don’t wait until the next big storm arrives. Get in touch with The Grounds Guys® today to arrange for snow and ice management when the time comes. By planning ahead, you’ll be prepared the next time it snows.

To learn more about our snow and ice removal services, please contact The Grounds Guys. We’re proud of our commitment to customer service, our good reputation, and our ability to serve homeowners and business owners throughout the seasons.

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