The Benefits of Indoor Landscaping: Why Plants are a Must-Have in Your Home or Office

Vertical plant wall behind couch in a living room

Last Updated July 10, 2023

Interior gardens are beautiful additions to indoor spaces and are made with trees, shrubs, flowers, herbs, or vegetables. They often incorporate a variety of elements, including water features, stonework, seating, and fireplaces. In addition to enhancing an interior garden, water features can stand alone as an attractive addition to any building. Water features include pools, fountains, waterfalls, man-made streams, and fish ponds.

Living walls/vertical gardens provide a popular choice as they are highly customizable and you can tailor them to your building’s needs or your personal preferences. These green installations are planted upright for aesthetic, environmental, or space-saving purposes and often incorporate hydroponics, drip irrigation, and climbing plants.

The Grounds Guys have many benefits of interior landscaping to explore, but let’s begin with noise reduction.

Effective Noise Barrier

Vertical plant wall in a home

Noise reduction is one of the least-known benefits of interior landscaping. If you’re looking for ways to reduce unwanted noise inside buildings, plants can help. Stems, leaves, branches, and wood are all plant parts that absorb sound. Using an interior landscape in office buildings reduces distracting noise from printers, phone chatter, HVAC systems, and more. Consider using living walls or many small arrangements because not only do they absorb noise in busy offices, hotels, and stores, but also act as an attractive privacy screen.

Where you place the plants plays a significant role in reducing noise, so to arrange them in an optimal way or consider professional interior landscaping services.

Improve Air Quality

Indoor landscaping near a large window

Indoor air quality is lower than that of outdoor air. Paints, clothing, adhesives, and even tap water carry a host of toxins that permeate the air we breathe.

Interior landscaping improves indoor air quality by releasing oxygen and filtering out harmful pollutants.

An interior landscape helps clean the air of the following contaminants:

  • Carbon dioxide
  • Formaldehyde
  • Benzene
  • Other toxins

Having more healthful air to breathe in your home or office stands among the most valuable benefits of interior landscaping.

Cost Savings

Vertical garden behind a couch in a home

Whether for your home or office, air conditioning costs are significant during the summer when cool air is needed. This is especially true in crowded spaces as body heat can raise temperature levels and require increased use of your air conditioner to cool your space down. Interior landscaping helps in arid climates. Plants release moisture into the air, which naturally cools the air. This allows you to lower the A/C accordingly and reduce costs.

Aesthetic Appeal

Dining room with indoor landscaping

Interior landscaping adds life to a bland space. These landscapes provide natural, pleasant spaces using greenery, color, and light. Water features add a special aesthetic beauty as well. Interior landscapes infuse personality into a space and create an ambiance people love.

Boosts Productivity and Reduces Stress

Home office with indoor landscaping

Working indoors all day makes some people feel trapped. Adding a green interior landscape helps. Green plants help to relax the mind and put the body at ease. People feel more relaxed when they’re surrounded by plants. Also, when they are more relaxed, productivity levels tend to increase. Indoor plants help to reduce stress, relieve tension, and bring about calmness.

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