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Indoor plant with text: "Giving your indoor plants a little TLC"

Giving a Little TLC to Indoor Plants

Everyone loves a little tender loving care (TLC). And plants are no exception! Just like taking care of your loved ones, vehicles, homes and other items, houseplants require some undivided attention every now and then to keep them performing at their optimal level. And who doesn’t appreciate a thriving green or blooming plant in the home or office? Indoor plants offer people many benefits, including peace and tranquility, cleaner air, and even a sense of accomplishment when they look great.

To give your plants a little TLC and keep them happy and thriving indoors year-round, consider these basic tips from the experts at The Grounds Guys:

Hydrate Your Plants with the Correct Amount of Water.

Overwatering is one of the most common ways to kill an indoor plant. Make sure the plant container has a drainage hole to prevent water from standing around the roots, which could cause rotting. Place a saucer or plate under the pot to catch the excess water. Review the plant’s ideal growth tips to know how much and how often to water it. Every plant is unique so make sure you cater to its hydration needs.

Provide Enough Light for Your Plants.

The amount of light a plant needs varies depending on the type of plant, so be sure to read about your plants and meet their sunlight needs. Placing them in front a window or glass panel door may be a good alternative to outdoor light. You can also check out florescent or grow plant lights at your local garden store.

Beware of Cold Or Warm Drafts.

Placing your indoor plants next to a drafty doorway, window, or air vent can be detrimental to your plants. The warm or cool air blasting onto the plants can result in drying out of the leaves and soil resulting in damage that could kill them. Choose a good location where you plants can thrive.

Cleanse Your Plants with a Light Bath.

Just like humans need baths to stay clean and fresh, plants need a bath occasionally too. Dust and dirt can build up on the leaves of your indoor plants and prevent them from flourishing. A simple way to remove dust is to place them in your sink or shower and gently spray them with water. You can also wipe them with a wet sponge or spritz them with a spray bottle.

Let The Pot Size Grow With The Plant.

Plants outgrow their pots. After all, they are living and breathing things! When you notice roots growing out of the drainage hole, an inability to stay hydrated, or the stems and roots crowded, it’s probably time to repot. Also, it’s a good idea to change out the potting soil periodically to ensure the nutrients are available in the soil for proper growth.

Prune Dead Or Yellowing Leaves Or Stems.

Trim the dead or yellowing leaves from your indoor plants and cut stems that are dead or have lost their leaves. Cut them down to the soil line to promote new growth from healthy roots below the soil. If you have blooming plants, clip the old, faded buds so that new blooms and growth will occur.

Ensure Moisture Levels are Balanced.

Do your indoor plants have brown tips on the leaves? If so, the air in your home or office may be too dry. Placing plants that need high humidity in bathrooms, basement, utility room, or kitchen may help solve the issue. These rooms typically are more humid than other rooms. You might also consider running a humidifier in the rooms where your indoor plants are located to provide additional moisture in the air for them.

Protect Against Insects or Disease.

Insects and diseases are common for indoor plants. Checking plants regularly for signs of trouble can ensure you stop the problem before it gets bad or spreads. Examine the top and under sides of leaves, look at the stems, and inspect the soil for changes that might signal an issue. If found, treat the insect or disease problem with a product or solution that best fits the type of plant. You can look online for tips and suggestions, visit your local garden center or nursery, or call the professionals at The Grounds Guys for help.

Reach out to the professionals at The Grounds Guys whenever you have questions on how to best care for your indoor plants. Their team of experts can guide you on making decisions that will help you have green and flourishing live plants in your home or office.