Will Aerating Your Lawn Help it Be Greener This Spring?

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With spring near, many people are starting to think about spending more time outside. For that reason, you might want the greenest yard on the block. To do this, there are many things you need to do to prepare your lawn for the warmer months. One of those things is aerating your lawn. Aerating your lawn is healthy for many reasons, including keeping the landscape of your home looking nice.

What is Lawn Aeration?

Basically aerating your lawn means that you create a way for air, water and nutrients to enter into your soil by putting holes in the ground. The soil in your lawn gets pushed down and compacted from lots of foot traffic. This makes it hard for your lawn to breathe.

How to Aerate Your Lawn?

To aerate your lawn you need to poke holes into your lawn to allow a space for your soil to breathe and get the nutrients it needs. You can do this most efficiently with a lawn aerator; since you shouldn’t be doing this often, it is best to rent this equipment rather than buy it.

Benefits of Aerating Your Lawn?

  • A greener lawn: The holes in the ground will cause your soil to get more nutrients thus making it healthier and greener
  • More grass with stronger roots: Aerating your lawn causes the roots of your grass to grow deeper and spread further. This improved root structure results in a greater tolerance to drought and an increase in grass density. Increased grass density not only makes your lawn appear thicker and more carpet-like, it also has the benefit of naturally choking out weeds.
  • Reduced puddling: If your yard gets lots of rain or runoff water, then you might see puddles. However, if you aerate, this will reduce the puddles in your yard and your soil will be able to absorb more moisture.

How often should I aerate my lawn?

Don’t aerate your lawn too often! Once every year should do the trick.

If you have any questions or want the professionals to take care of aerating your lawn, contact the local The Grounds Guys!

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