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Landscaped yard with text: "Bring back your lawn: seed, aerate and dethatch"

Bring Back Your Lawn: Seed, Aerate and Dethatch

Now that the summer is winding down, and the scorching summer sun is wreaking less and less havoc on our landscapes, we can once again concentrate on bringing our lawns back to their former pre-summer luster. How is the best way to do that? With seeding, aeration and dethatching. The experts at The Grounds Guys explain why these processes are so important to the enhancing the beauty of your property.

Why do I need to seed my lawn?

If the summer heat has left your lawn with dead, dry or brown patches, seeding is the best way to repair those thin or bare areas. Fall is the best time to tackle this project because the cooler nights and mild, shorter days provide the ideal conditions for seed germination. The seed is better able to retain moisture in these conditions and seedlings will thrive without the extreme heat that occurs in the summer months.

Why does my lawn need to be aerated and dethatched?

Over time, soil begins to become compacted, especially in high traffic areas, and little bits and pieces of grass die and gather just above the soil. This is called thatch. It forms a barrier, keeping moisture and air from going where your grass needs it. Aeration involves perforating the compacted soil with small holes to allow air, water and nutrients to penetrate the grass roots. Dethatching refers to the mechanical removal of the dead, inhibiting thatch layer. Both processes are necessary to help roots grow deeply and produce a stronger, more vigorous lawn.

Now is the best time to seed, aerate and dethatch because we are heading into the growing season, when the grass can heal from summer’s harsh conditions.

The Grounds Guys aeration and dethatching services will breathe new life into your landscape by removing unwanted compacted soil and thatch for better air and water absorption into the soil, allowing the seeds to grow into the beautiful lawn you deserve.