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Winter Pet Safety: Keeping Your Pets Warm this Winter

Winter is among us and millions are battling the freezing cold weather. You’ve been told what to do to keep yourself safe and warm, but what about your beloved pets? Protect your pets from the harsh cold this winter with these tips.

Keep your pet indoors

Avoid the cold and wet outdoors to help keep your pet warm. For animals like dogs that have to be let out, keep a towel by the door to dry them off as soon as they come back inside.

Bundle up

A coat and booties will aid in protecting your pet from the wind and snow. These will help avoid having to unknot your pet’s fur by keeping icy snow from building up.


A burning fireplace will give your pet a safe haven of warmth. It’s best to have a screen protecting the fireplace so sparks won’t fly on your pet who may be snuggling a little too closely.

Food and water

Give your pet more food and water than normal. The harsh winters consume much of your pet’s energy to keep her warm. Add essential fatty acids to your pet's diet to help her coat grow thicker.

Insulated shelter

If your pet enjoys being outside, make sure there is a dry shelter area large enough to move around in. This will give him freedom outside and a place to hide away when the wind bites.

Set an reminder

It’s easy to get side tracked with tasks when you let your pet outside. Set a personal alarm to avoid unintentionally leaving your pet in the cold.