Boost Curb Appeal with Water Features

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Water features not only enhance your existing curb appeal, they also create tranquil places of respite for you and your visitors. The Grounds Guys® have some surprising ideas for you to add a water feature to your landscape regardless of budget or property size constraints.

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Water Features to Boost Your Curb Appeal

Pondless Waterfalls

Pondless waterfall in back yard

Also called disappearing waterfalls, these water features are perfect for small spaces. The look and sound of falling water have the same effect as larger, more traditional waterfalls but with several additional benefits:

  • Compactness
  • Built-in safety feature
  • No standing water to breed pests

How they work: Instead of an above-ground pond filled with water, the water for a pondless waterfall recirculates from an underwater catch basin that's filled with gravel. The lack of standing water eliminates a drowning hazard for children and pets.


Bubbler fountain in residential yard

If you prefer a gentle bubbling sound instead of a cascading or falling noise, you can include a freestanding bubble fountain or tabletop bubbler in your landscape design.

How they work: You can choose any container that complements your front entrance decor, such as a large urn or flowerpot. By threading air tubing through a hole at the bottom of your container, installing a small recirculating pump inside the container, and filling the container with water, you can set the bubbling fountain on top of an underground catch basin -- a pondless water feature -- and let it bubble away. As an option, you can use a container without a drainage hole at the bottom so you can immerse a small air pump inside that simply bubbles the water without a cascading water effect -- perfect as a tabletop water feature.

Water Walls

Water wall in residential yard

If your space is limited, vertical water features offer a lot of bang for the buck. Simple construction using a sheet of plastic or a more elaborate design using rocks or marble can transform a small vertical space into a work of art.

How they work: A submersible pump moves water from a collection basin to the top of a wall where it cascades down. If the wall is smooth, the water has a sheeting effect; if the wall is rough, the water tumbles and splashes.

Rain Chains

Water flowing through rain chain

Nothing could be simpler to install while offering the aesthetic and functional appeal of framing your home or office as rain chains. These water features give the extra benefit of not taking up any additional space in your landscape. So ditch the downspouts for something prettier.

How they work: Like traditional downspouts, rain chains divert rain from your roof. Rain chains can be literally just that -- large-link single or double chains -- or they can be a series of metal containers strung together, such as mini-watering cans. As the rain falls off your roof, it trickles down open chains or fills each container along the chain until each container empties into the one below it.

Contact The Grounds Guys to Enhance Your Landscape

With a little attention to detail by landscaping the walkway to the front door of your home or office, you can help draw the eye toward your water feature. Installing a stepping-stone path or simply edging the flowerbeds along the walkway can help tighten up a loose design and frame your water feature.

Ask The Grounds Guys any questions you have about artistically using water as part of your comprehensive landscape design. Request an estimate from The Grounds Guys today!

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