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Sunset on a lake with text: "Enjoy the health benefits of outdoor water features"

Enjoy the Health Benefits of Outdoor Water Features

If you’re in the process of reinventing your outdoor space, you might be considering the addition of a water feature. There’s no denying that fountains, ponds, pools and waterfalls make your outdoor living space more beautiful, but what other benefits do they provide? Is it possible you could improve your mental health and wellbeing by installing an outdoor water feature? You’ll be pleased to learn the answer is yes!

Benefit from the Beauty

For as long as humans have understood medicine, beauty and art have been an integral part of mental and spiritual healing. Being surrounded by beauty has an incredible effect on the mind and spirit, and there’s no denying that water features are visually pleasing. The appearance of it alone is enough to set your mind at ease.

Refresh Your Mood

You’re familiar with the tantalizing smell of rain. The scent alone is enough to reinvigorate your senses and give you a fresh outlook on the day. Flowing water has a similar effect because it releases negative ions. Air conditioners and other electronics deplete negative ions from the air, but backyard fountains and waterfalls reintroduce them.

According to scientific theory, negative ions may have positive effects on your mental health and mood. They purportedly increase serotonin levels to promote a sense of tranquility and alleviate depression. Add these effects to the relaxing sound of flowing water and you have the ideal setting to achieve inner peace.

Enjoy Sound Therapy

If you need a place to unwind after a stressful day, there’s no better place to retreat to than a comfortable chair beside an outdoor water feature. Everyone intrinsically knows this, but why is it true?

People are affected by different sound waves and frequencies that resonate within the body. Perhaps because the body is made of 70% water, the sound of falling or flowing water is one of the most meditative sounds you can listen to. After all, relaxing gardens, holy temples, and other places of mental and physical healing have included waterfalls and fountains throughout human history.

Lower Your Blood Pressure

When you’re stressed at work all day, your body’s natural response is to tense up and breathe shallowly. You develop tension in your neck and start to get a headache. It may not be until you get home after a long day that your body has a chance to finally relax.

As you spend time with your feet propped up next to your outdoor water feature – perhaps while reading a good book or sipping a cup of tea – your body effortlessly responds to the nature all around. You start to breathe deeply, your muscles relax and your blood pressure goes down. You may feel your eyes become heavy as you absentmindedly watch the trickle of water and listen to the gentle flowing of water over rock. Is there anything more serene and healing than this?

If you’re ready to enjoy the health benefits of outdoor water features, please contact The Grounds Guys® to make use of our aquatic management services. We install and maintain both residential and commercial outdoor water features to increase the beauty and healing qualities of your property.