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Have you ever looked at your plant beds and thought something was missing? Landscape curbing serves as a beautiful and final touch to your landscape, flowerbeds, and walkways. At The Grounds Guys of Shawnee, we offer landscape curbing that’s customizable to suit your style. From large-scale projects up to several hundred square feet to smaller edging backyard jobs, we can handle them all.

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What is Landscape Curbing?

Landscape curbing is essentially an extension of your existing edgings, such as driveways, sidewalks, and patios. It should also be thought of as an extension of your style, incorporating a design that matches your landscape and adds the flair you’ve been looking for. We are here to execute your vision to a T, ensuring you’re completely satisfied with our work. The Grounds Guys of Shawnee is dedicated to providing superior landscape curbing and edging at affordable prices.

What’s the Difference Between Landscape Curbing & Traditional Pavers?

One of our landscape curbing’s main differences is we use cement for a precise and seamless look instead of traditional pavers that come with a host of issues.

Traditional Pavers

  • Leaves gaps and spaces
  • Leaves corners/angles exposed around curves
  • Allows for weeds and grass to grow between gaps
  • Can lift, messing up the material alignment
  • Allows bedding material to seep through paver gaps
  • Potentially damages lawn equipment with sharp angles/corners
  • Slows down installation to lay, grout, color, and seal each paver

The Grounds Guys’ Landscape Curbing

  • Leaves a clean seamless finish with zero gaps
  • Has smooth, rounded angles around curves
  • Has zero gaps for grass or weeds to thrive
  • Eliminates bedding erosion and materials from escaping
  • Keeps mulch, gravel, rocks, etc. snuggly in place
  • Reduces damage to lawn equipment
  • Allows for an expedited installation process

What Our Landscape Curbing Services Offer You

Our services are designed to eliminate the problems that come with using single pavers for landscape curbing. You won’t have to worry about “heaving” or lifting of our landscape curbing as it’s a single, continuous piece of decorative cement that fits around corners and odd angles. You’ll be able to enjoy the beautiful look of our curbing around trees, flowerbeds, pathways, and more for years without having to venture to the home improvement store for replacement pavers.

When you utilize our landscape curbing services, we provide you with:

  • Expert and courteous landscape curbing specialists
  • An assessment of the location for the curbing design
  • An estimate of work and completion schedule
  • Professional, timely, and precise on-site installation

Whether you need landscape curbing installation to keep in rocks or gravel or just want to add the finishing touches to your flowerbeds, The Grounds Guys of Shawnee is here for you.

The state-of-the-art equipment we use can emulate the look and color of materials like stone, brick, and tile in the cement we lay. Once the cement has cured (which takes around 2-5 days), your curbing design is protected by a clear sealing solution that prevents weather damage, peeling, chipping, or cracking over time. We can accommodate your specific style, texture, and pattern to deliver a customized landscape curbing design that you and your family will love.

How Much Does Landscape Curbing Cost?

Depending on your style, the materials you prefer, and the project’s extent, landscape curbing costs can vary greatly. We have a plethora of layouts from which you can choose that culminate in a design that is definitively you. We can provide you with a free estimate based on your preferences so you have an idea of how much a stunning curbing layout will be.

Our curbing specialists are here to answer any questions you have about your potential landscape curbing design or our landscape and lawn care services. We can’t wait to get started working with you to develop a plan that fits your exact needs and adds visual appeal to your lawn.

Choose The Grounds Guys, Not Some “Other Guys”

Whether you have a lawn that needs routine maintenance or one that requires complete rejuvenation, our landscaping services can offer the solutions you need. We have a reputation of putting you—as our customer—first and caring for your turf as if it were our own. As one of Lawn & Landscape’s Top 100 lawn care service companies, we take pride in delivering services Shawnee residents can be proud to display. We want to be your go-to landscaping expert so you never have to look for another lawn care provider again.

Call us at (913) 286-1772 today or request an estimate for your landscaping services. Don’t forget to check out our specials for more ways you can save.

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