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Residential Lawn & Bed Maintenance in Saginaw

What Are Our Flower Bed & Lawn Maintenance Services?

Did you know that lawn maintenance is actually really easy? That is, it is when you call The Grounds Guys of Saginaw to handle everything. We provide the opportunity for you to create the perfect first impression for visitors to your home or business. With experienced professionals who deeply understand horticulture and have a passion for sustainability, you can trust in our lawn care services.

Help your landscape reach its full potential with:

  • Lawn Maintenance – from mowing to edging, raking, pruning, and more, we can provide any number of services to keep your lawn fresh and healthy.
  • Lawn Aeration – improve the quality of your turf by helping the roots receive the nutrients they need to thrive. We recommend that you include this as part of your annual routine.
  • Lawn Seeding – whether you need your entire yard seeded or a quick touch up on spots that are bare, this is the best way to establish the foundation for a vibrant landscape.
  • Sod Installation – installing sod properly is a larger undertaking that needs to be handled correctly to ensure optimal results. That’s where we shine!
  • Lawn Enhancements – we offer de-thatching (removing an excess buildup of a thatch layer) and top-dressing (spreading a layer of compost or sand over the grass to organically enhance the soil) services to let your lawn thrive.
  • Mulching – include mulching within your flower bed maintenance to help prevent weed growth and minimize soil compaction, as well as to conserve water and maintain an even temperature. Mulching also looks beautiful when properly cared for, bringing the different components of your landscape together harmoniously.

In need of organic lawn care in Saginaw? Call today at (817) 961-9041 to schedule a FREE job estimate!

Seasonal Lawn Care Tips

  • Winter Lawn Care Tips - To prepare your lawn for winter, it's important to maintain its moisture level by continuing to water it regularly. Aerate the soil to promote oxygen and nutrient circulation, and gradually lower the mower blade height to avoid damaging the lawn. Fertilize the lawn to provide it with the necessary nutrients to survive the colder months.
  • Spring Lawn Care Tips - To maintain a healthy lawn in the Spring, it's important to rake away any debris. Additionally, crabgrass typically grows during the spring and summer, it's important to prevent it now. If you have any bare spots in your lawn, spring is a good time to reseed them. Additionally, water your lawn deeply and infrequently in the mornings to allow the grass to dry out during the day.
  • Summer Lawn Care Tips - To ensure that your lawn remains healthy throughout the summer you must provide it with the necessary nutrients. You can achieve this by feeding your lawn with plant-boosting supplements that enrich the soil. After six to eight weeks of feeding, the lawn will convert the nutrients into growth, resulting in a thick and healthy lawn that can crowd out weeds and cool the soil. It is important to continue feeding your lawn consistently to maintain its growth. Additionally, when mowing your lawn, it is best to set the mower blade to a higher level. Mowing too low can harm your lawn, while cutting it higher promotes taller grass with longer roots, making it more resilient.
  • Autumn Lawn Care Tips - Remember to continue watering your lawn, rake leaves regularly, dethatch cool-season grasses, and aerate if the soil needs loosening. Overseed cool-season grasses before the first frost and test your soil annually to ensure it has the right nutrients. Fertilize your lawn with the right amount and prevent weeds with pre-emergent herbicide. Keep mowing until the grass stops growing, winterize your sprinklers, and arm plant beds for winter.

Professional Flower Bed & Lawn Maintenance Near Me

The Grounds Guys Working on Grass Cutting Machine at Memorial ParkWe carry the name of a national brand that serves over 180 locations with equipment that’s top-notch and expertise honed through years of service and adapting techniques. At the same time, we’re locally owned and operated, so our Saginaw experts understand the variables that come from the Michigan climate.

When you need us, we’ll be there with:

  • Prompt response and reliable communication regarding your service request.
  • A free estimate that contains our transparent pricing.
  • Uniformed professionals driving clean, branded vehicles.
  • Timely arrival, courteous treatment, and respect for you and your property.
  • Punctual status and quality reports, with answers to all your questions.
  • Guaranteed parts and services or we’ll fix it at no charge to you.
  • Personalized, useful design assistance based on your style, needs, and budget.
  • Environmentally friendly equipment and products.

We also offer programs designed for different property management styles – whether you prefer organic lawn care, traditional, or a hybrid approach – and frequency of maintenance.

The bottom line is that our services are tailored to you because we care. From routine lawn mowing to installing the backyard of your dreams, we’re here to tackle the job for you so that you can simply enjoy the results.

We’re here to provide ground-breaking solutions to your lawn care needs. Call (817) 961-9041 or reach out online to get started!

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