Artificial Turf Installation and Replacement

Artificial Turf – A Low Maintenance Solution

For homeowners looking for the ultimate low-maintenance lawn care solution, artificial turf is the answer.

We offer only the highest quality, natural-looking synthetic grass for homeowners across the U.S. This includes a wide variety of the finest artificial grass options available.

The experts at The Grounds Guys are trained in artificial turf installation. And with your complete satisfaction as our goal, we strive to provide a seamless, hassle-free installation.

Benefits of Artificial Turf

Artificial turf is an environmentally friendly and cost-effective option for homeowners who don’t have the time or resources to maintain a healthy lawn. Artificial turf is both economical and very low-maintenance and can be used in many areas around your home to replace traditional grass.

Tired of pets ruining your lawn? The artificial grass we install is specifically designed for dogs! Installed with an antimicrobial backing to help prevent odors and a high flow through rate for drainage.

All installations are done with child safety in mind and designed to allow water to flow-through to efficiently minimize any standing water. Speaking of watering, you won’t have to with artificial turf, which helps with water conservation. And there is no mowing either, so you can sell that gas powered mower, which helps the environment by reducing emissions and landfill waste.

Most artificial turf is made with recycled materials which also helps to reduce landfill waste. And your turf is always green. So no more worrying about yellowing or dead grass. You can enjoy the well-manicured look of a beautiful lawn all year long, without any additional work.

And our artificial grass is hardly distinguishable from the real thing. Blades come in a variety of shades of green and different lengths, so your yard will still look natural, without all the maintenance and work. And it last! Our high-quality artificial turf can withstand normal wear and tear and look great for up to 25 years.

Three High-Quality Artificial Turf Options to Choose

We offer homeowners several different high-quality artificial turf options to choose from:

  • Silver Option: Our silver level turf is a quality option for low-traffic residential areas. This turf is ideal for surrounding areas that are infrequently visited, such as around air conditioning units or the outer perimeter of your property.
  • Gold Option: Our gold level turf is a higher-quality option for high-traffic residential areas. This turf is durable and ideally suited for your yard and/or children’s play areas. It is easy to maintain and clean.
  • Platinum Option: Our platinum level turf is our higher-quality option. Designed for high-traffic residential and commercial areas, with a thick plush covering. This turf is durable and ideally suited for your yard as it closely resembles real grass. It is easy to maintain and clean.
  • Pet Turf: Our pet turf is perfectly suited in high-traffic zones for pets and people and offers homeowners and public spaces an easy to clean space for dogs (even dog parks). This turf holds a manicured appearance due to shorter design pile height. This turf makes cleaning up after pets easier, with no visible signs left behind and protects pet paws by maintaining a stable surface temperature.
  • Golf Turf: Our golf turf is a residential product for avid golfers’. Ideal for a backyard putting green or chipping surface. This turf holds a manicured appearance, and the shorter design pile allows golf balls to roll smoothly across the surface. Multi-pile available for ruff and smooth spaces.

Artificial Turf Installation

We begin with a site evaluation and preparation process, which may include the removal of your existing lawn, landscape, or hardscape material.

If necessary, we will cut back, prune and/or remove any unwanted existing material. Sometimes existing landscape or hardscape material can be relocated to other areas of your property.

Grading (sculpting or leveling of land) is required to properly prepare for the installation of your artificial turf. If any excavation is required, we utilize the 811, national call-before-you-dig phone number, prior to digging, cultivating or tilling. We then note the locate of utilities; wires, conductor lines, etc., and mark them accordingly to avoid any damage or disruption in service.

If necessary, we will move, add, or replace exiting sprinklers and irrigation lines to accommodate watering needs for other areas of your property. Another important purpose is to ensure excess water is channeled away from the existing structure to stormwater drains and basins. Once this process is completed, we will begin installation.

Need Financing?

Ask about financing options. Our experienced team will connect you with lenders who specifically focus on helping homeowner finance these type of home improvement projects.

Preparation and Installation

Once we have prepared the area, and noted the location of utilities, placement of your artificial turf can begin. Depending on the size and scope of your project, installation can take place over a one-to-three-day period.

Post Installation

After finishing your installation, our installation professionals will perform a clean-up to ensure your property is left better than when we arrived. At this time, we will complete a site walkthrough with you to confirm our installation meets your expectations. Our Done Right Promise ensure your complete satisfaction.

In addition, we also offer a monthly turf maintenance program that is designed to keep your turf looking like new throughout the year. Our program includes a monthly inspection of your turf to check the condition and identify any areas that might need repair and/or an organic anti-microbial treatment to keep it clean and sanitized.

Our Mission

The Grounds Guys are on a mission to cultivate lasting relationships with our customers through exceptional customer service. Therefore, it is essential that we deliver artistry and excellence with every job we accept. As a customer you can expect a seamless experience from design to project completion.

Because we understand installing artificial turf is an investment in your home, we take extra steps to ensure every detail of our installation is reviewed to ensure your complete satisfaction.

To get started give us a call or request an estimate online and we will schedule a mutually convenient in-person meeting with you.

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