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Tree work and care should be an essential part of every homeowner’s landscape and lawn care plan. The trees on your property provide your home with a significant service. They give you and your family shade and beauty, and add value to your property. Taking care of the trees on your property ensures that they will stay healthy, strong, and beautiful for years to come.

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The Grounds Guys can help keep your trees healthy. We offer carefully tailored tree treatment plans to our residential customers. Our professionals are smart, experienced, and knowledgeable, with years in the field and a reputation for committed customer service. You can rely on us to put your needs first and to help you accomplish your goal of a healthy and beautiful landscape year round.

We offer the following services to keep your trees healthy:

Horticultural oil treatment — This treatment fights pests and insects that could damage your tree in their overwintering stage.

Existing tree evaluation — Call us in to evaluate the species of your trees, their levels of health, and what types of treatment would be suitable for their care.

Root fertilization — Our treatments targeted to roots involve the injection of micronutrients into the root area for optimal development and growth.

Trunk treatments — We provide targeted trunk injections that supply nutrition and pest control.

Early growth care — In the early stages of a tree’s growth, nutrition and care are vital. We provide services designed to target healthy growth in the beginning stages.

Seasonal care and pest control — We know how to control seasonal pests such as mites, aphids, scale, and lace bugs, and keep your trees healthy all year long.

Since our company began, we’ve maintained loyalty to our core commitments: Customers first, maintaining a positive Attitude, treating everyone and everything with Respect, and all the while being sure to Enjoy life in the process! Together, this spells “C.A.R.E.” — the perfect summation of our business values and of our ongoing commitment to our clients.

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Our products are innovative and our techniques are designed to be sustainable and environmentally friendly. We put our customers first every single time. Our services are highly professional and always executed with excellence. You can rely on our team at The Grounds Guys for prompt and timely service delivered with a smile, and catered exactly to your unique needs and your preferences.

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