Optimized Organic Lawn Care Experts

Creating Healthy Lawns & Nutrient-Rich Soil Year-Round

At The Grounds Guys, we’re interested in more than a pretty lawn. We want to take care of your property in a way that actually adds value to your home. That means growing healthy lawns and plants that resist drought, heat, pests, and everything else the climate can throw at them. How do our horticulturists accomplish this? Through optimized organic lawn care.

Organic lawn care is focused on treatments that unlock the nutrients in your soil, enriching it naturally. As a result, your plants will grow deeper roots to capture these nutrients, allowing them a greater amount of stability, health, and vitality. The microbial life that is crucial to your soil’s health will also develop strength, building an ecosystem that will allow for greener grass, more resilient plants, and a more beautiful yard overall.

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How the Science Works

The foundation of our program is a natural blend of nutrient-building microbes. The primary function of these microbes is to convert atmospheric nitrogen into NH3 (ammonia), which is the form of nitrogen plants require to grow. Our blend also includes potassium, iron, sulfur, more than 19 amino acids, and other plant-building vitamins.

Microbial structures allow the soil to receive greater volumes of atmospheric nitrogen—increasing the yield, growth, and health of any plant growing in the soil. These structures also allow for better water absorption, reducing the risk of flooding your soil and drowning your plants.

The more established the microbes become, the deeper the nutrients in the soil go. As the nutrients are found at deeper levels, plants will grow deeper roots to receive them. Deeper roots not only have amazing benefits for your plants (increased stability, less susceptibility to drought), but they tend to increase oxygen output as well! Your plants will be actively improving your property’s air quality, one root at a time.

Why Organic Lawn Care Is Better Than Other Lawn Care Programs

Synthetic lawn care has been around for more than 70 years, and it “works,” but keep in mind that organic lawn care and synthetic lawn care have different goals. Synthetic lawn care is designed to make sure your plants grow as quickly as possibly, looking healthy and strong for a season or so. That means while the plants grow quickly, they are just as quick to die off when the weather stops being ideal.

Organic lawn care is designed with the bigger picture in mind, focusing on the health of your whole property—not just your flowers.

Our program is environmentally-friendly, but that doesn’t mean it won’t benefit you too! Our soil-focused approach means your plants will your property’s first line of defense against pests, parasites, and drought. The cycle usually begins when heat or lack of water causes your plants to decay. The decaying plant life attracts insects and pests who feed on the decaying vegetation. If your plants resist decay and stay strong through a dry season, that means no decaying plants—and no pests!

Our approach is also more natural. Rather than injecting an excessive amount of nitrogen directly into your soil, we focus on building up the natural ecosystem of your soil. That means your property will actually be healthier, rather than just looking healthier.

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