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Turf Care & Maintenance Services

A beautiful green lawn is one of the most valuable assets any property can possess. In order to keep your grass green and gorgeous throughout the seasons, you should make sure to schedule regular appointments. We provide turf care services such as dethatching, top dressing, and aeration.

Dethatching is the process of breaking up the “thatch,” or the layers of stems and roots that entangle themselves on the surface of the soil and prevent moisture from getting through to the lawn’s roots. We use special equipment to accomplish this goal, and the result is a healthier lawn and better use of water. Aeration and top dressing is also important, and involves producing small holes or “plugs” in the soil so as to prevent compacted soil from stopping the circulation of air and water.

We offer turf enhancements designed to help you achieve a beautiful green lawn, with such benefits as:

  • Less patchy bald spots
  • Improved drainage
  • No pools of water
  • Stronger, healthier plants
  • Stronger green color
  • Better soil

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