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Outdoor Kitchens Perfect for Summertime Parties

Summer is the perfect time for hanging out in your backyard. The best backyards are ones that not only have an awesome landscape, but have an inviting outdoor kitchen, too. Outdoor kitchens allow you to host fun and memorable southern summertime parties with ease. Here are a few of our favorite outdoor kitchen styles:

The DIY Kitchen

Rustic outdoor kitchen area with barbeque

We love the simplicity of this outdoor kitchen by Lowe’s. With a few pieces of cedar and retaining wall blocks, you can create your own backyard kitchen. This is a great idea for those who are wanting a fun kitchen space in their South Carolina backyard but want to keep the budget small.

The Patio Covered Kitchen

Covered patio with fireplace and TV

This outdoor kitchen is great for entertaining on rainy southern summer days. It is completely protected by a patio cover. You can cook, entertain, and serve your guests all in one place!

The Poolside Kitchen

Poolside patio with fireplace and red furniture

Throw a pool party next to your outdoor kitchen! Building an outdoor kitchen poolside is a great way to keep pool party goers from dripping all over the inside of your home. It creates a fun and welcoming atmosphere.

The Pizza Oven Kitchen

Pizza oven near a set table

We love outdoor kitchens that have a wood fired oven. There is nothing better than a delicious, homemade wood-fired pizza. Not only are the pizzas from wood fired ovens tasty, but they are quick and easy to cook for large parties.

Outdoor kitchens are great for entertaining your friends and family during the summer! What kind of outdoor kitchen is your favorite for your Greenville, South Carolina area home?