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Kitchen Gardening in South Carolina

Gardener tending to their plants

Kitchen gardens are a great way to keep your ornamental plants separated from the fruits and vegetables in your yard. They allow you to focus on the cultivation of each fruit and vegetable you are growing. Kitchen gardens also help you save money and keep every home cooked meal fresh. Here are some tips on how to manage your South Carolina kitchen garden:

Plan your plot

We recommend drawing a plan of what your kitchen garden plot will look like and where it will go in your yard. You should also include how many crops you will have and the spacing of the crops as well. Many kitchen gardens have raised garden beds. It is important to note the type of raised garden bed you plan to use for your kitchen garden. Raised garden beds range in size, from about 5 inches to 12 inches in height. The more soil your crops have, or the taller the raised garden bed is, the more their roots will be able to grow.

Pick your produce

Choose what kind of fruits and vegetables you want to have in your kitchen garden. Think about what kind of fruits and vegetables you and your family eat most and which would be the most use to your family. You should also consider the time of year each fruit and vegetable you want to plant needs to be planted in. Clemson University has a great diagram that shows the different planting zones and times for specific fruits and veggies in South Carolina here.

Find recipes

Research recipes you want to try making with your kitchen garden. This will make growing your fruits and veggies in your garden so much fun! It gives you a goal to work towards and a tasty meal for you and your family to eat.

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