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You know it takes a little effort to keep your lawn looking its best, but who has the time? You need landscaping services from The Grounds Guys of Pasadena, TX! We can help you design and install landscape features, perform seasonal maintenance, and keep your property healthy and thriving. Whether you own a home or manage a business, your lawn gives a first impression to visitors and is an outward representation of you or your company. Make a statement you can feel good about.

Our professional landscapers in Pasadena, TX, are ready to help you. Call (409) 237-3549 or reach out to us online to discuss your needs.

What Is Landscaping & Why Is It Important?

Landscaping beautifies a yard or property by adding aesthetically pleasing and otherwise beneficial features. At the planning stage, this may include planting flowers and shrubs and installing sod or grass turf. On a maintenance level, it can involve lawn clean-up, mowing, pruning, and more.

The Grounds Guys of Pasadena, TX offers landscaping services to maintain your beautiful property, because there are more benefits to a well-kept lawn and garden than simple aesthetics. Caring for the grass, shrubs, flowers, and other plant life on your property can help protect the health of the ecosystem of your yard, your neighborhood, and beyond. Being so close to the coast means that what takes root in Pasadena yards can end up making its way to Galveston Bay.

On a more personal level, well-maintained landscaping adds curb appeal to your home or a welcoming entrance to your business. A beautiful landscape can also boost your mood and contribute to your well-being—and can do the same for others who view it.

Property Maintenance for a Stunning Landscape

Our Pasadena landscapers perform several lawn care services to maintain your property and keep it pristine. As local professionals, we know the climate and soil types in the area and understand the best ways to care for your yard. We can also help you avoid mistakes commonly made by those less experienced. For instance, did you know it’s possible to cut your grass too short, leaving it vulnerable to weeds and malnourishment? Or that you can plant flowers or grass strategically to give your yard color all year long? These are just some of the things we can help you with.

Lawn Detailing

Just as you would take your car to a professional to have it detailed, our professional Pasadena landscapers can detail your lawn and leave it looking its best. From mowing and trimming to raking and blowing, we’ll meticulously clean up your lawn—not a single blade of grass will be out of place!


In landscaping, pruning is a critical practice. It involves selectively removing buds, branches, or other parts of a plant to achieve a particular goal. Pruning can control the direction of growth, shape existing development, or improve the health of the plant. Our landscapers have the skill and experience to determine the dead, damaged, or diseased sections that need pruning, as well as the best way to prune for directional control.

Seasonal Lawn Care in Pasadena

With our average growing season—a continuous period of non-freezing temperatures—of around 11 months in Pasadena, seasonal lawn care is critical to maintaining a thriving yard year-round.

Fall clean-up involves clearing your lawn of fallen leaves, twigs, and branches to ensure the lawn underneath can breathe. Even though they add seasonal color, heavy leaf cover can restrict access to the moisture and nutrients your turf needs to survive, even when dormant. We’ll make quick work of this task so you don’t have to worry about raking and bagging leaves—or the aches and pains that can accompany autumn lawn care!

Spring clean-up means freshening up flower beds and pruning shrubs to remove any dead or dying areas and making room for new growth. Even though our cold season is shorter than some parts of the country, all plants have growth cycles that may go dormant during the chilly fall and winter months.

How Often Does Your Business Property Need Landscaping?

The grounds of your business must be maintained to keep up a pleasing, professional appearance. When you choose The Grounds Guys of Pasadena, TX, our landscapers can assess your individual needs and recommend a personalized schedule for landscape work. Generally speaking, we suggest lawn trimming or mowing every week or two, especially in the spring and summer, when grass grows the fastest. Seasonal clean-up should be done two to four times a year. Other grounds maintenance, such as pruning or planting, may be needed anywhere from once a month to a couple of times per year. Our commercial landscapers in Pasadena can also advise you of any recommendations during routine landscaping visits and take care of most services on the spot.

The Benefits of Outdoor Lighting

One additional aspect of landscaping is outdoor lighting. Our landscapers can install and maintain outdoor lighting that enhances the beauty of your property and delivers additional benefits, including safety and security.

We can help you with:

  • Installing and setting light timers
  • Replacing bulbs
  • Adjusting landscape lighting
  • Maintaining the proper distance between lights and plants
  • Maximizing energy efficiency

Whether you want to hang string lights around your patio, install post lights along a pathway, or add landscape lighting to highlight your garden at night, The Grounds Guys of Pasadena, TX can help.

Reach out to our Pasadena landscaping team to find out how we can help with your lawn maintenance. Call (409) 237-3549 or contact us online today to request an estimate.

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