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Lima, OH Landscaping & Lawn Care. Still open to serve you.

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Our grounds care specialists have you covered. We are driven by a desire to exceed both contractual obligations, as well as the expectations of our customers, which we accomplish through adherence to our company’s core values. When we show up, it will be in uniform and driving a clean, branded truck. You also won’t see our team pulling any rusted equipment out into your yard. We are dedicated to maintaining our equipment daily, and we promise to only use what is both safe and reliable.

Our Different Lawn Care Programs

Beautiful lawns don’t happen by themselves. They require the skilled touch of an expert and more than a little hard work. That’s why we encourage you to contact our team. We know what it takes to make your home and business look its best, and we have a variety of services that will accomplish just that.

Depending on your needs, you can choose from our different Lawn Care Programs:

  • Organic
    We use eco-friendly products that release slowly over time for long-term results.
  • Hybrid
    We combine traditional weed control methods with our safer organic fertilizer.
  • Traditional
    We take an aggressive stance for fast, short-term results.
Your Full Service Lawn & Landscape Company
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Request a Free Estimate on Our Services: (567) 234-9190

From mowing your lawn to caring for garden beds, our landscaping and lawn care specialists have you covered. Learn more about how we can help with your property by calling us at (567) 234-9190!

The Grounds Guys of Lima provides services to residents and businesses throughout Ada, Beaverdam, Bluffton, Columbus Grove, Delphos, Elida, Findlay, Fort Shawnee, Harrod, Jenera, Mount Cory, Pandora, and Rawson.

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The Grounds Guys of Lima and Findlay

Areas We Serve
  • Ada, 
  • Beaverdam, 
  • Bluffton, 
  • Columbus Grove, 
  • Delphos, 
  • Findlay, 
  • Harrod, 
  • Jenera, 
  • Lima, 
  • Mount Cory, 
  • Pandora, 
  • Rawson

What Our Customers Have to Say

    “Prompt,friendly great service. Will probably do more business with them in the future”

    - Wayne

    “Owner and staff extremely professional. Happy with the design plan and implementation. Great follow through and timely! Will use their services again.”

    - Natallie Paphanchith

    “I had grass seed sown in a former garden area. The week after it was planted, we had rain and the grass is coming up very well. The young men who came to do the work were very polite and professional. ...”

    - Jone Lane

    “Very courteous and professional service, easy to work with. My landscape looks fantastic!”

    - Molly

    “Great communication and excellent service.”

    - Ann Blew

We Believe in The Value of C.A.R.E.

Customers First • Attitude • Respect • Enjoy life in the process

Our Difference

  • Clean, Branded Vehicles
  • Professional, Uniformed Personnel
  • Timely Response Guarantee
  • Safe, Reliable Equipment Maintained Daily
  • Status and Quality Reports Delivered Timely

Photo Gallery

  • Square brick fireplace on brick patio
  • Large tan house with brick front patio and yard
  • Back of tan house with square unfinished brick patio
  • Close up view of square brick column in front of back of tan house
  • Side view of home with brick patio and yard
  • Red brick home with short brick wall and patio
  • Aerial view of brick wall with white stone on top
  • Front view of brick home with tree in plot of land and purple flowers
  • Back of tan house with blob shaped inlaid patio
  • Close up of back patio brick steps
  • Large manicured lawn leading up to large tan house
  • Square brick fire pit with large dilapidated lawn
  • Short brick wall in front of brick home with columns
  • Manicured front lawn next to driveway in front of two story house
  • Patio with wooden roof and patio furniture behind home
  • before transformation of patio and grill outside of house
  • after transformation with fresh green grass, fence has been removed, fresh stone work and patio furniture
  • stone patio and awning and firepit and fresh green grass
  • freshly cut green grass with flowers and bushes
  • stone patio with awning and patio furniture
  • before transformation wooden porch with stone walkway and old trees
  • circle design on stonework driveway
  • after transformation wooden porch converted t o stone wiht black mulch with green plants
  • circle design on stonework driveway
  • before transformation of walkway to porch at house.
  • after transformation concrete replaced by stone and fresh plants put in.
  • mid transformation of landscaped backyard.
  • green grass lawn with brick planter with bright bushes and shrubbery.
  • schedule your fall clean up today.
  • The Grounds Guys trucks parked at the office.
  • Green Grass with black mulch with stone walkway and evergreen trees and rocks
  • green grass and black mulch lining small lake.
  • Green grass with black much and trees
  • Landscaping blocks with black mulch and plants
  • sprinkler the grounds guys.
  • Lawn airrator
  • Finished project of stone patio and firepit with grass that needs to grow.
  • Mid stone patio project, excavating the ground the level it.
  • Before stone patio transformation
  • Before stone patio transformation
  • Pine tree lit by holiday lights
  • Pine tree lit by holiday lights to the left of house adorned with holiday lights
  • The Grounds guys do holiday lighting
  • The Grounds guys do holiday lighting
  • Majestic house adorned with holiday lights
  • Green grass surrounding landscapting bricks with ferns, bird bath and trees and ground covering plants
  • stone stairs lined with rock tiers.
  • stone patio with stone stairs
  • stone patio with steps and rock tiers
  • stone patio with steps and rock tiers
  • stone patio with firepit.
  • summer maintenance: freshly cut lawn


The Grounds Guys is a Neighborly Company. Lawn care and landscaping are some of the many home maintenance solutions available to you through Neighborly. At Neighborly, we are committed to being there for all your home services needs.