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Drainage Solutions for Your Property

Your property’s drainage is essential to its health and beauty. The Grounds Guys of League City provide residential drainage installation and repair services in League City, TX. We understand the importance of a flat, even terrain for proper drainage, but the water needs somewhere to go to ensure it doesn’t accumulate during heavy rains. When rain saturates your soil for too long and causes stagnant water, the water can take a long time to evaporate. Standing water can lead to significant damage to your property. Our drainage systems help prevent standing water. Contact us today to inquire about our full range of drainage services.

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Why Should I Worry About Yard Drainage?

Swimming pools, paved areas, and flower gardens are some of the most common spaces that may have yard drainage problems. Improper drainage can lead to pests, erosion, and structural issues. Stagnant water is not a good thing for your property or foundation. Our drainage installation and repair professionals will determine if you have any drainage issues and quickly find the perfect solution for your property.

Reasons for Drainage Problems

Our service professionals will determine the cause of your drainage problems and offer a solution. The most common reasons you may have drainage problems include the following:

  • Misaligned pipes shifting soil
  • Clogged pipes
  • Garden runoff
  • Improper drainage installation
  • Damaged drainage equipment

Drainage System Attachments for Better Draining

Water may have trouble draining when it has nowhere to go. Our expert drainage solutions ensure your water properly flows away from your landscaping. The Grounds Guys of League City can install drainage system attachments that help water move further away from your property. Drainage attachments help control water accumulation in your foundation’s soil. Some of our most popular drainage systems and drainage attachments we install include the following:

  • French Drain or Yard Drain Drainage Systems
  • Downspout extensions
  • Sump Pump Pipe Drainage
  • Design and Installation of Dry Creek Beds

Sump Pump Pipe Repairs & Replacements

If your property has a sump pump, our landscaping professionals will determine if you need a sump pump repair or replacement. The sump pump pipes’ job is to take collected wastewater away from your home. A malfunctioning sump pump pipe can lead to flooding in your home, so it’s essential to address any sump pump issues quickly.

Eliminating Low Spots & Puddles in Your Yard

Landscape beds and lawns settle over time, leading to low spots and puddles. Our landscaping professionals know the best places to add topsoil and grade to avoid low spots. Puddles in your yard can lead to damage and stagnant water, so we always find the perfect solution to help the area properly drain.

The Best Drainage System for Your Property

We will work with you to determine the best drainage system for your property. We typically recommend yard drains, French drains, and dry creek beds to improve your drainage. French and yard drains are made with a perforated pipe that helps guide the groundwater and surface water away from problem areas. Dry creek beds are an efficient and aesthetically-pleasing draining solution for your property.

Contact The Grounds Guys of League City

The Grounds Guys of League City offer comprehensive landscaping and lawn care services for League City residents. Our professionals always customize your landscaping services to meet your needs. We’ll design, install, and repair your drainage systems to meet those needs. Our professionals back our work with a guarantee to get the job done right. We offer honest pricing and free estimates. Contact us to schedule drainage installation and repair services for your home.

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