Residential Services

Residential Landscaping Services in League City

Are You Looking for a Punctual, Professional Lawn Care Service? Look No Further!

Our team at The Grounds Guys of League City is the high-quality lawn service you’ve been looking for. When you call us, you can be sure you will be met with friendly service and the results you want. When you work with us, you can rest assured the following will always be true:

  • Our personnel drive clean, branded vehicles.
  • Every member of our staff wears professional attire.
  • Our team responds to questions, complaints, calls, messages, etc. as soon as possible.
  • Our equipment is clean, well-maintained, and operated with safety in mind.
  • We communicate with you about the status of your project as promptly and as often as we can.

When it comes to customer service, we have the “it” factor. The high-quality personal interaction we have with our clients doesn’t happen by accident. It all stems from our C.A.R.E. model, which informs everything we do, say, and deliver at The Grounds Guys of League City:

  • C: Customers are always our top priority.
  • A: Attitude makes all the difference.
  • R: Respect for every client and project is essential.
  • E: Enjoy life along the way.

Ready to get started? Check out our package options below or call (713) 561-3589.

Residential Package Options*

These package options are for one time projects like landscape enhancements and larger projects.

  • Jump Start

    from $225

    Our JUMPSTART package is for shorter projects or those that may only need one grounds care specialist.

  • Need a Hand

    from $445

    Our NEED A HAND package is for projects that might take a little longer or need more than one grounds care specialist.

  • Get it Done

    from $885

    Our GET IT DONE package is for medium-sized projects that require two or more grounds care specialists.

  • Makeover

    from $1,325

    Our MAKEOVER package is for larger projects that require two or more grounds care specialists.

  • Total Makeover

    from $1,765

    Our TOTAL MAKEOVER package is for extra-large projects that require a full team of grounds care specialists.

*Package pricing subject to change. Equipment and materials costs may apply.

All Packages Include:

  • Site Evaluations

  • Customized Action Plans

  • Flat Pricing

  • Basic Equipment and Disposal

  • 1-6 Ground Care Specialists

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Local Lawn Care & Landscaping Services in League City

Many people who provide low-cost lawn services are not able to provide the wide range of services your project may require. In order to ensure we are able to meet your every lawn and landscaping need, our lawn care providers offer the following services (and more):

  • Customized plans for every home and project
  • A team of up to 6 ground care specialists
  • Free evaluations and estimates
  • Outdoor lighting services
  • Treatment for weeds and pests of any kind
  • Irrigation assistance
  • Treatments for snow and ice
  • Hardscaping and landscaping service

Bring in a Lawn Care Team You Can Trust

At The Grounds Guys of League City, making sure you are happy with the state of your lawn is our first priority. If you aren’t happy, then we aren’t done yet. No matter the size of your project or the questions you have, we are prepared to help.

Find out how we can help keep your home beautiful. Call The Grounds Guys of League City at (713) 561-3589 to request a free consultation today!