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Thorough Lawn Clean Up Services in Jacksonville Beach, FL

Providing Dedicated Lawn Maintenance in Florida

The Grounds Guys of Jacksonville Beach & Oceanway provides lawn cleanup services in Florida. Our company began as a team of 10 brothers, all with the same goals in mind. We’ve been trusted by many of our community for years to carry out lawn bed maintenance, amongst other beneficial offerings. Our values are based on our company acronym, “C.A.R.E.,” which stands for: Customers first, Attitude, Respect, and Enjoy life in the process! We set these standards across all our locations nationwide to ensure the best quality service for you and your family. When you need regular lawn care, we are here to help. Contact us today for scheduling if you’re in Jacksonville Beach or the Oceanway areas.

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Lawn Maintenance Services You Can Trust

When the seasons change, so does the quality of your landscaping. We are happy to help maintain your property with regular clean up and lawn care. Our company is equipped with highly skilled horticulture training, allowing us to design your grounds intricately. Every season has its unique set of flowers and plants, and we know how to best decorate your home with these natural accents. This ensures your home stays immaculate year-round with vibrant colors. If you prefer the appearance of your landscape, be sure to tell us so we can best fit your style and taste!

What Are the Benefits of a Professional Lawn Cleanup?

There are several benefits of lawn care cleanup that can help improve your lawn's health and appearance. Here are some of the key benefits:

  • Improved Curb Appeal - A well-maintained lawn can help enhance your property’s appearance and make it more attractive to potential buyers or visitors.
  • Healthier Grass - Removing leaves, debris, and other unwanted materials from your lawn can help improve air and water circulation, promoting healthy grass growth.
  • Reduced Risk of Pests and Diseases - A clean, well-maintained lawn is less likely to attract pests or diseases that can damage or kill the grass.
  • Easier Lawn Maintenance - A lawncare cleanup can make it easier to maintain your lawn over time. Removing debris and maintaining a proper mowing height can help reduce the time and effort required to keep your lawn looking its best.
  • Increased Property Value - A well-maintained lawn can add value to your property and increase its overall resale value.

Overall, lawn care cleanup is essential to maintaining a healthy, beautiful lawn that you can enjoy for years.Top of Form

Why Should You Choose Us for Service?

We are committed to providing excellent customer service and pride ourselves on our attention to detail. Our company believes in using eco-friendly and sustainable landscaping practices to protect you and your family. We additionally offer customized service plans to meet your specific needs while using high-quality equipment and materials to ensure our work is of the most outstanding standards. Here are some of the ways we take the initiative to enhance the environment:

  • We use low-emission fuels like biodiesel
  • Limited use of paper by utilizing email quoting and invoicing
  • Recycling at all of our locations
  • We have a “no idle” policy with GPS tracking

Choose Us for Your Lawncare Maintenance Services

The Grounds Guys of Jacksonville Beach & Oceanway are in the business of making your lawn one of the best in the neighborhood. Our lawn care company is passionate about keeping your landscape beautiful year-round with regular maintenance and cleanup. We are proud members of NALP (The National Association of Landscape Professionals) and the SIMA (Snow and Ice Management Association). This is a testament to our reputation for offering some of the best lawn care services in the city. Look no further if you’re looking for dedicated and thorough professionals to keep up with your lawn. Contact us today for service.

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    “Awesome Guys!”

    - Allen Morton

We Believe in The Value of C.A.R.E.

Customers First • Attitude • Respect • Enjoy life in the process

Our Difference

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  • Timely Response Guarantee
  • Safe, Reliable Equipment Maintained Daily
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