How to Care for Your Lawn While on Vacation

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If you’re like the 100 million other Americans and planning a lengthy vacation, say no more! Really, please don’t say anything else; you’re liable to make us jealous. As we take a moment to deal with our envy, you’re probably wondering how to ensure your lawn stays healthy during your two-week or longer trip.

You deserve this time away—you’ve definitely earned it—without having to worry about your Gettysburg home’s appearance diminishing because no one is caring for your yard. The good news is you don’t have to hire someone to perform lawn care and maintenance tasks (though it helps!). You can design a pre-vacation turf upkeep plan that supports the health of your lawn and makes it seem like you’re still at home.

Design Your Lawn Care Vacation Plan

You wouldn’t go on vacation without a plan, would you? Unless you’re the type of person who likes spontaneity. Otherwise, you’ll have a set itinerary for your trip and plan to visit specific sights along the way. The same goes for your lawn. When you’re away longer than a couple of weeks, you should create an action plan to maintain your grass and foliage.

Design a vacation grass treatment plan that includes:

  • A detailed watering schedule (if you need one)
  • Specific gardening and lawn tools to do the job right
  • A weed control assessment before you leave

The goal is to eliminate uncertainty so that you can focus on soaking up the sun on the beach or learning about a historical city instead of the well-being of your grass.

Perform Pre-Vacation Mowing

Before your summer excursion to Europe or a white sandy beach, pre-vacation mowing is a must. Our community is experiencing high heat during this time, which means dryer conditions. Your grass may go slightly dormant in temperatures above 90 degrees Fahrenheit, making mowing a non-issue. Suppose your grass continues to grow uncontrollably while you’re gone. Cut your grass at least half an inch lower than you normally do to offset the length and keep your lawn from looking unkempt.

Stop the Watering for Shorter Trips

We can’t sing water’s praises enough as a life-giving resource that helps fortify your lawn and its root system. Still, when you leave your home for extended periods, it’s best to leave the watering until you return unless you’re going to be gone longer than a couple of weeks. You can nix calling a friend or a family member to water your grass. It’s unnecessary, especially if you want your grass to go dormant to mitigate overgrowth and weeds. However, an irrigation schedule is crucial if you’re planning to be on vacation longer than two weeks.

Ask for Help

We know we said you don’t have to appoint help with caring for your lawn while on vacation, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to have someone to monitor your lawn’s health. Suppose your grass is well hydrated and consistently growing. In that case, you’ll definitely want to hire a lawn care company like The Grounds Guys of Gettysburg for help or designate a friend or trustworthy neighbor for assistance. Ensure to inform the person you trust to take over minor lawn care while you’re on vacation of your maintenance plan. Be realistic about the tasks you need to be completed. After all, this is just a temporary measure and shouldn’t require much of the person’s time and energy.

Provide the Pesticides

Pest control is a big concern for many prior to a vacation. Pesky insects that love eating your grass blades can tell when you’re on vacation… kind of. When your grass continues to grow out of control, it’s likely a sign of neglect, which invites grass-easting pests and insects. Spray insect control products on your lawn the day before you leave, ensuring your grass won’t need more pesticide treatment until you return.

Don’t Go Overboard

Having a contingency plan for your lawn is great, but you don’t have to overdo it. While your lawn requires some human intervention to continue thriving, nature has a way of creating balance and self-preserving. Your pre-vacation lawn care plan should keep you from going overboard before your trip, but just in case, you always have The Grounds Guys of Gettysburg here to help.

Enjoy Your Vacation. We’ve Got Your Lawn Covered!

If there were ever a time to let a professional lawn care and landscaping company design a plan to match your budget and lifestyle, now is the time! The Grounds Guys of Gettysburg has experienced and knowledgeable landscapers and lawn maintenance experts to help your lawn prosper during your extended vacation. We can customize a program that suits your grass type, irrigation needs, topography, weather, and more. With our Gettysburg professionals on your side, you can finally put your lawn out of your mind and focus on rest and relaxation.

Call to get started and schedule a free lawn care and maintenance estimate today.