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11 Great Gifts for Your Favorite Gardener

If you’re lucky enough to have a gardener or plant lover at home, winter is the perfect opportunity to make their day with an unexpected gift! Gardeners are just about the easiest people on the planet to shop for, as there’s always a great new gadget or lovely plant to make a wonderful gift. Check out all the amazing garden-related gifts you can get for your favorite plant enthusiast. 

  1. Cacti and succulents. These beautiful and durable plants can brighten any garden, whether planted in the earth or in a pot. If they’re planted in pots, cacti and succulents can also be moved inside for the winter, giving the indoors a touch of green when it needs it most. 

  1. Rechargeable electric lawnmower. No more fuel, oil, fumes, noise, or trying to start the engine for ten minutes. New electric lawnmowers have plenty of power and excellent run time—enough for all but the largest lawns. You can also get trimmers, blowers, and other lawn care tools that use the same batteries. For gardeners with large beds and lawns, an electric lawn mower can be a game-changer. 

  1. Sprinklers. High-quality spike sprinklers, usually made of brass, will last for decades and allow gardeners to place units precisely where they need them. For gardeners who don’t have the time to water the plants every day, sprinklers can do the job for them, making them a great time-saving gift. 

  1. Lightweight hose. Hoses can be heavy and difficult to use effectively. Get your gardener a high-quality, lightweight hose and they’ll appreciate how much easier it is to use. An ultra-flexible, cloth-type hose is easier to carry, collapses for easy storage, and is as durable as a rubber hose. 

  1. Garden globes. Many gardeners like to add decorative items to their flower beds, and garden globes are one of the easiest ways to add some extra color and sparkle. They come in a variety of styles, some made from polished metal and others created from different types of blown or molded glass. Because they’re so easy to use, they make a great gift for inexperienced gardeners. 

  1. Wheelbarrow. Is your gardener still using a heavy, metal wheelbarrow? Perfect for smaller jobs and smaller yards, new wheelbarrow models come with sturdy plastic bins to prevent rust, two wheels so they don’t tip easily, and comfortable handles. Gardeners will appreciate any gift that saves wear and tear on their hands and backs. 

  1. Properly fitting gloves. Sounds like a no-brainer, but you might be surprised how having the right gloves can improve gardening tasks. Experienced gardeners usually prefer cloth gloves with flexible rubber on the palms for great dexterity or fitted leather gloves that provide whole-hand protection. Since gardening gloves need to be replaced often, they’re a gift that will always be appreciated. 

  1. Bird feeders and water bowls. Many birds eat bugs that harm plants, so gardeners love having them around. Birdbath fountains can be a wonderful focal point for a garden and feeders help birds that don’t migrate in the winter. Both are ideal gifts for gardeners who also love to bird-watch. 

  1. Pruners. When you want to give a gift that lasts, pruners are ideal. When you buy high-quality models, your gardener will be able to use them for years, or perhaps decades. Pruners come in different sizes and are designed for different tasks, so be sure you find out what type your gardener needs before buying.  

  1. Sharpening. Great-quality pruners, loppers, and shears all need periodic sharpening, so give your gardener the gift of freshly sharpened tools. Find a local garden center with sharpening services and purchase a gift certificate. Or buy a sharpening kit so your gardener can learn to do it themselves. Either way, they’ll appreciate having tools that are ready to keep trees and shrubs trimmed. 

  1. Professional services. Whether it’s a major cleanup, tree trimming, irrigation, or a large landscaping project, most gardeners will appreciate getting help from a pro. Check out services that The Grounds Guys offer for both lawn and garden care and let them make friendly suggestions for seasonal cleanup, bed maintenance, or even decorative lighting. Your gardener will appreciate how The Grounds Guys can help them keep their landscaping looking its best.