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Blog Posts in 2021

  • Lawn clippings fly from back of lawn mower as grass is being cut

    How Short Should I Cut My Lawn?

    At one time or another we’ve all asked ourselves this question: “How short can I cut my lawn without damaging it?” Well, the ...

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  • hummingbird and butterfly flying near a flower

    Attract Hummingbirds and Butterflies with These Flowers

    Planting your first hummingbird and butterfly garden can be incredibly fun and rewarding, but where do you even begin? With a wide ...

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  • carrots growing in garden

    Selecting the Best Organic Fertilizer for Your Vegetable Garden

    Gardening is a multifaceted hobby that provides devotees with beauty, physical activity, family time, and a sense of pride that ...

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  • cute cat and dog playing in the grass

    Can Lawn Fertilizer Hurt My Pet?

    You can see your ideal lawn now: soft green grass, the envy of all your neighbors and friends. The only problem? The last time you ...

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