How to Fix Exposed Tree Roots

Exposed tree roots can destroy lawn mower blades and buckle sidewalks. To fix exposed tree roots either add a layer of mulch or provide a ground cover that doesn’t need mowing. Read on for more information on what steps to take, as well as what to avoid.

exposed tree roots

Add a Layer of Mulch

Adding a mulch layer is both the preferred and the easiest option. Carefully remove the remaining grass around the base of the tree and replace it with a thick layer of mulch. This will cushion and insulate the roots, discourage pedestrian traffic, and eliminate the need for mowing. Use shredded or chipped hardwood bark for mulch but avoid the stained variety as these may contain harmful dyes.

Add Ground Cover (Just Not Grass)

Another option is to replace the grass with a ground cover that will not require mowing. Choose a taller ground cover to help discourage foot traffic in the area. When planting the new ground cover, ensure that you don’t harm the major tree roots.

Don’t Add More Soil

To reverse the effects of erosion you may be tempted to add more soil around the base of the tree, covering up the exposed roots. While this solution may provide temporary relief it can cause further damage over time by suffocating the roots or failing to resolve the underlying issue.

Don’t Grow New Grass

While it is possible to cultivate a new layer of grass, it can take time to become established, and eventually the roots may reappear. If a lack of sunlight is the issue the new grass may also die and the roots may soon reappear.

Don’t Remove Exposed Tree Root

Cutting or pruning tree roots is a risky venture that can injure or kill the tree if done incorrectly. In addition to depriving the tree of nutrients and water, improper pruning may render the tree unstable causing it to fall over in a storm.

If you absolutely must remove the tree root because of buckling concrete or a safety hazard, contact a professional who can properly remove the root without damaging the tree, or let you know whether the entire tree should be removed. The Grounds Guys can help. Call or contact us online to request an estimate today.

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