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Fallen leaves collecting on the ground

Be Prepared for Leaves

Fall is here and you know what that means – leaves, leaves everywhere! They can be a burden, but this guide will help you deal with leaves this fall. You might even decide to keep some around instead of bagging them all. Read on to learn more!

Raking Leaves Tips

No one enjoys the back-breaking work of raking a large yard. Learn how to rake leaves fast so you can get the job over with quickly:

  • Rake downhill and with the wind: Let gravity lend a hand by raking leaves downhill if possible. If your yard is flat, focus on raking in the direction the wind is blowing.
  • Mow instead of raking: In early fall when you still need to mow your lawn, skip raking and move straight to mowing. Remove the bag so grass clippings and leaf fragments land back on the lawn. This further cuts down on work and allows vital nutrients to return to the soil.
  • Use a leaf blower: This allows you to walk around with an upright posture, blowing leaves into piles or sucking them up to make mulch or the start of a compost pile (more on that later).
  • Choose a comfortable rake: When you go to purchase a rake, find one that works for your body. The more comfortable it is, the easier it will be to use, making the chore more pleasant.
  • Wear protective gear: Gloves and a dust mask help protect your hands and lungs as you clean up the yard.

Raking Leaves into a Bag

Once you’ve gathered leaves into a pile, it’s time to bag them:

  • Rake leaves onto a tarp: Once there, you can easily transport the leaves to a different location. You can also funnel the leaves into garbage bags more easily than gathering them up by hand.
  • Use leaf scoops: These plastic scoops extend the reach of your hands to help you pick up a large batch in one go.
  • Use trash funnels: These are lightweight aluminum frames that hold your garbage bag open and make it easier to fill with leaves. They can also be laid on their side so you can rake leaves directly into the trash.

Reusing Some of Your Leaves

There’s no need to dispose of all your leaves this fall. Put some of them to work for you with these ideas for reusing leaves:

  • Make compost: Dead leaves are the most abundant ingredient in a compost pile. Start one this fall, and you’ll have nutrient-rich fertilizer to use in your garden next spring.
  • Make mulch: Purposely neglect to rake some leaves from under trees and shrubs, where they will decompose over the winter. This way, you’ll need less mulch come spring.
  • Protect your garden from winter’s chill: Cover delicate plants with a six-inch layer of dead leaves to insulate them against the worst of the cold.
  • Make leaf crafts: Before you begin raking, select the most beautiful leaves from your yard to press between the pages of a heavy book. Now you have the foundation for making cute homemade crafts, such as laminated leaf bookmarks, leaf prints, fall garlands, and more.

The Grounds Guys® Offer Fall Cleanup

Even with these tips, preparing your entire yard for winter may be too much to handle alone. If you need help raking leaves, starting a compost pile, and completing other fall cleanup tasks, The Grounds Guys have you covered. Our job is to get your landscape in order before winter so you have less to do this spring.

For more information about our yard cleanup services, or to schedule an appointment, please contact us.