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  • Holiday lights on wire animal structure

    How to Build a Custom Wire Frame for Holiday Lights

    Who says your holiday lights have to be strung across your eaves, or that you're limited in their placement? If you're looking to ...

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  • Red fruit growing on a tree

    Which Fruit Bearing Trees to Plant in the North

    (Updated May 12, 2023) Whether you're looking to add visual interest to your yard with ornamental trees, want to do your part for ...

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  • Venus Fly Trap

    How to Care for a Venus Fly Trap

    While the Venus Fly Trap is not the only species of carnivorous plant, though it is arguably the most well-known. These plants are ...

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  • Cat with eyes closed sitting in a yard

    Dormant Grass Seeding Tips for Homeowners

    Does your lawn suffer from thin growth or bare spots? Early fall may be the right time to address these issues with dormant grass ...

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