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Importance of Curb Appeal For Home Value

Spring is in the air and your home can benefit from some simple curb appeal tactics. If you’re planning to put your home up for sale, investing some time and resources can dramatically improve the attention-grabbing ability of your listing and even your selling price!

Older properties can also come with a variety of lawn issues, such as overgrown trees and shrubbery or just an overall need for a facelift. Landscaping increases the value of a home, along with making a good first impression and improving curb appeal. Since overgrown plants make a home look rundown, prune any trees and shrubs on the property that need to be cut back. If your lawn’s appearance is boring, incorporate some color by adding flowering shrubs or trees.

Hardscapes can add function and character to any yard. Some examples include sidewalks, fireplaces/fire pits, stepping stones, fountains, retaining walls and patios. Whether installed on a small or large scale, adding a hardscape provides functionality.

Pergolas are another option for an outdoor yard structure as they can enhance the living space of the home and offers a visually appealing element to the landscape. A pergola extends your living quarters while also encouraging time outside. A variety of plant species, including vines and other climbing plants would thrive by having a place to climb. A pergola is also a great place for hanging pots of herbs or flowers for a growing garden with the additional shade from harmful UV rays.


The best time to prune trees and shrubs is just before the plant breaks dormancy after spring’s final frost. In the spring, always cut a quarter of an inch above and sloping away from a healthy bud so the pruning wound heals quickly. Look for and clip stems with brown and dry bark, or off-color since that indicates disease or winter injury and snip off spindly branches. Wherever there are two branches rubbing together, remove one.

There are so many different varieties of rose bushes that it’s best to double check when and how to prune each variety. In general, rose bushes are typically pruned in the spring and you can cut back dead/dying branches and deadhead buds to improve the health and vitality of this landscaping favorite.

Fresh Flowers

The best planting advice is to cover all seasons for visual interest with continuous color, texture, smell, touch and inner feelings they can create. Remember, warm color creates a sense of excitement and anticipation like reds (azaleas), oranges and yellows, while the cool colors like white, blue (delphinium), purple (clematis) and green create a sense of calm and relaxation.

Combining these colors or keeping them monochromatic creates the feeling of the design. The textures also affect the senses and some plants, like peonies and lavender for instance, will draw people to come closer and smell them.

Lavender plants not only provide beautiful purple flowers, but also a scent that most pests don’t care for. Native of the Mediterranean, lavender does best in dry, sunny, rocky habitats and the plant typically blossoms from June to September.

Other suggestions to keep pests at bay include marigolds, rosemary, mint, lemon verbena and catnip. For the greatest effectiveness, arrange pest-repelling plants around a deck or patio so the scent keeps pests away from areas where the most time is spent.


The right mulch can inhibit weed growth, promote moisture and protect new plants from harsh wind, heavy rainfall and damaging rays of the sun. This is an affordable landscaping option, which greatly improves the visual appeal of flowerbeds while limiting time spent on maintenance!

In colder climates, consider darker-colored types, which maintain heat and areas with warmer temperatures will benefit from light-colored, reflecting mulch.

The depth of your mulch is crucial to get the full benefits of your investment. The amount of mulch is important to provide the weed barrier qualities and keeping the soil temperature even for the health of your plants. Too much mulch will promote diseases and other health issues for your landscape. Contact The Grounds Guys to get the right amount of mulch to maintain the aesthetic beauty of your landscape.

Bed Edging

Keeping the flower beds, tree rings and hard edges crisp creates a look of a well-maintained landscape enticing buyers to get a closer look. Edging can consist of many different options including a natural appearance to borders created from other materials. Consult your Grounds Guys for the best look for your home.

Power Washing

Don’t overlook the power of power washing hard surfaces and siding as this task can take years off your home’s exterior! Proper power washing removes dirt, stains, debris and mold.

We have several power washing tips to help you prepare and protect sidewalks, decks, exterior fixtures and more if you choose to take on this project yourself.

If you simply don’t have time to get your home showcase-ready, contact The Grounds Guys!