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Irrigation Repair to Prepare for Summer

Summer is upon us, and that means your irrigation system is working hard to keep your lawn green. Unfortunately, a lot of things can go wrong with an irrigation system. If yours needs repair, take care of the problem before your garden suffers! Here are some common problems you might face and how to tell when you need a professional’s help.

Slow Leakage When Sprinklers Are Off

If you walk around your yard and notice one nozzle leaking water after the system is turned off, you’re probably facing a leaky zone control valve. This problem requires a licensed irrigation technician to perform the repair.

Sprinkler Keeps Running After it’s Set to Turn Off

When one sprinkler head continues to water your yard after all the others have turned off, there might be a scheduling mistake with the controller, or a mechanical error could be to blame. First try shutting off the controller. If this works, you found the source of the problem.

However, if the sprinkler continues to run, you must shut off the main water source. The shut off valve is most likely located in a box buried in your yard and covered with a green, rectangular lid. Turn the valve to stop the water and call The Grounds Guys® to come take a look.

Underground Water Leak

If you suspect you have a leak somewhere but you can’t find it, it might be coming from a pipe buried underground. Walk around your property and look for puddles, green grass in a dead area, sunken ground or soggy spots. Run the sprinkler system and keep an eye out for bubbling, seeping or flowing water. You may need to probe the soil with a long piece of rebar to locate softened earth. Once you know where the leak is coming from, contact The Grounds Guys for help fixing it.

Improper Sprinkler Head Height

If a sprinkler head is positioned too low, it may not spray properly and could flood the area around the sprinkler. If it’s too high, the lawn mower could damage the sprinkler. To correct improper sprinkler height, dig it out, disconnect it and reconnect it to a swing joint or funny pipe set at exactly the right height.

Clogged Sprinkler Nozzles

Watch your irrigation system as it operates. If one head fails to spray properly and appears damaged, shut off the system and remove the affected nozzle. Do this carefully and avoid using a screwdriver to prevent damaging the nozzle. Rinse it out to remove dirt or other debris and reattach the nozzle. Hopefully the problem is fixed. If not, contact a professional for help.

Low System Capacity

System capacity determines the water flow rate, which must be high enough to meet the demands of your yard. If any particular zone isn’t at full capacity, the sprinklers in that zone won’t spray as far as they should. Capacity can be too low if the system was designed poorly from the start. It can also drop if you add heads or rotors to a zone since it was originally installed.

The best way to combat low capacity if you’ve added heads is to replace them with lower volume nozzles. You’ll need to water your lawn longer, but this tactic restores the coverage you need. If you haven’t added heads and the capacity is still low, turn to The Grounds Guys for professional help solving the problem.

To make sure your irrigation system benefits and beautifies your yard this summer, please contact The Grounds Guys. We can help your lawn look its very best all season long.

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