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Best Types of Plants for Summertime in South Carolina

Add pops of color to your yard this summer with these beautiful blooming plants! These plants are easy to plant and care for. They thrive in hot and humid South Carolina summers. Adding these plants to your yard is sure to make your home bright and fun during this summer!


Marigold flower in a  field

It’s hard to miss these annual flowers with their famous gold color. They are long lasting flowers and are able to bloom during entire summers. That makes them perfect for a summer in Piedmont. They enjoy being in full sunshine. Marigolds also thrive in well drained and fertile soils. They are also known to be more resistant to pests when compared to other annuals.

Crinum Lilies

Crinum Lilies

Crinum Lilies are large and love humidity and heat. They have large, fragrant flowers that bloom in late summer. Crinum Lilies are able to be drought resistant, but prefer to be planted in moist soil. Their flowers also available in a variety of colors. They are a great choice for a landscaping project in Easley.


Phlox flower

These beautiful flowering plants love the sun and blooming during summertime. They grow large clusters of flowers on stems that grow to be about 3 to 4 feet tall. Phlox are extremely easy to care for. They are happy in almost any part of the country and they are generally pest free. They make an awesome addition to any Greenville yard.


Lantana flower

Attract butterflies and hummingbirds to your yard with this colorful plant. They are relatively low maintenance and produce attractive flowers. They require frequent water when first planted. They prefer in being soil that is slightly acidic. Lantana also enjoys being in warmer temperatures, which makes it great for your yard.


Hollyhocks flower

These towering flowers will definitely make your garden an eye catcher! They were one of the first plants to be brought to the Americas by the colonists. Because they are such tall plants, Hollyhocks work great as a border to the rest of your garden. Hollyhocks need to be planted in moist and rich soil in order to thrive. They enjoy being in sunlight and produce gorgeous flowers.

Adding these flowers to your landscape will definitely add some curb appeal to your home. Inspired to change up your landscape with some summer-friendly plants? Let us help you make your landscape the absolute best it can be.